Osama Saeed Does Not Support Terrorism or Killing of Jews in Britain

Osama Saeed’s personal blog has been zipped-up for some weeks which may be best for a confirmed S.N.P candidate for Glasgow Central. When one looks through its records, also presumably preserved in Google Cache, one finds less circumspect descriptions of acts of suicide-terrorism against civilians in far-off conflicts.

(Religious Jews overcoming the horror in the human condition, never mind Judaism, at clearing body parts and flesh pieces after an attack in Dimona.)

These are “martyrdom operations”, and Saeed appears to have shown no discomfiture in saying so. (Although it should be made clear that he describes suicide-terrorism in Iraq under the same banner.) In October 2006, for instance, he offered Hamas – and religio-political organization which continues to adhere to its founding charter which vows to pursue Jews to behind the last tree – kudos for restraining from such “martyrdom operations for two years” then.

The last great act of multiple murder had taken place on 31 August 2004 as 16 bus passengers were died in at double-bombing at Beersheba. Much as I would like to think that Hamas Warren then found a love for its brethren and sistren in the Covenant of Frith, I suspect the subsequent downturn was due to the construction of the security barrier or fence or great big evil Apartheid wall, call it what you may.

Saeed then states:

They have said that if Israel withdraw from territories occupied in 1967, to the UN green line, then there will be a longstanding peace, with final issues decided by future generations.

So, in the world up the trouser leg, Hamas is to get credit for not sending walking-bombs, some containing shrapnel laced with rat-poison, to kill as many bystanders as possible.

But, here’s what the current Hamas bureau chief, Khaled Meshaal, says about Hamas’ attitude towards a return to the 1967 boundaries:

We consider this positive step but we have the right in all Palestine.

Thus, in Meshaal’s mind and – one would assume if he so clearly endorses Hamas – that of Saeed, business would be expected to go on as normal lest Israeli society committed mass-erasure. No decisions have to be made by future generations. Members of this generation have decided they would carry on.

Finally, I’ll leave you with the [translated] words of Kemal El-Helbawy, a London-based Islamist whom Saeed’s fiefdom the Scottish Islamist Islamic Foundation has entertained under an event entitled Dear Beloved Son:

A child born in Israel is raised on the belief that [the Arabs] are like contemptible sheep, and that this is a land without a people, and they are a people without a land. They have very strange concepts. In elementary school, they pose the following math problem: “In your village, there are 100 Arabs. If you killed 40, how many Arabs would be left for you to kill?” This is taught in the Israeli curriculum. What would you say about that? Should a child studying this be considered a civilian? He is a future soldier.

(Subscription may be required.)

How could anyone wish to kill Israeli children? They’re just so squ-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e cute!


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