The Incredible Lightness of Political Scotland

Tom Gallagher has a rather splendabulous piece at Harry’s Place on the current state of the Calvinistic Republic of Scotland.

I disagree only with his continued use of “communities” to describe Scottish Muslims, instead of a multi-faceted group of iterations of Islam amongst a multi-ethnic tapestry.


A large part of the SNP party base reflects this segment of the population. It is increasingly composed of people who are very comfortable with the moral and political certainty that nationalism provides. They prefer the ‘feel good factor’ and the sense of moral superiority embedded in a doctrine which is quasi-religious in its appeal. Indeed, there is even a case for saying that unfulfilled restless Scots turn to Salmondism for rather similar reasons that young British Muslims are drawn to political Islam. It makes them feel good and allows other people to do the thinking for them.

Fascistic thought at work.


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