John Wight – Man of Violence

Further to my missive about somewhat contrary information from John Wight and the Socialist Unity blog, Kevin Williamson – who blogs at the Scottish Patient – has more on Wight.

I’ve been around the Scottish left and the peace movement for almost thirty years now. During that time I’ve seen and heard a lot of things, from the profound to the boring, from the stupid to the nauseating. I’d thought I’d seen and heard everything. But I was wrong.

Earlier this year occurred the ugliest act of left-versus-left violent provocation I’ve ever had the misfortune to come across. A supposed Scottish ‘socialist’ strode up to a group of peace activists – gathered on the Mound in Edinburgh for a peace vigil for Palestine – and without stopping to make any small talk threatened “to rip the face off” one of the peace protestors. Adding, that it was only the presence of so many witnesses that stopped him from doing so.


The individual who was threatened – a gentle soul and pacifist who’d earlier that day had a heated exchange with Mr Wight on an internet forum – has avoided taking part in leftist events or peace rallies for fear of a violent confrontation.

This experimental plastic surgeon who attracted the attention of Police that day was, of course, Wight. I would not be in the least bit surprised at this account. In July last year, during another “heated exchange with Mr Wight on an internet forum“, he said to me:

Fluffykins Cottontail Woundwort, arsehole, given that you’re in Edinburgh why not seek me out at the next stall or meeting and so we can discuss our differences face to face?


How does that sound?

Well, he didn’t call me Fluffykins Cottontail Woundwort, but the rest is true. Not making a habit of seeking out National Front stalls, I demurred. Which was probably wise, considering the demonstrable temperament of this 6 ‘ 2 ” former bouncer (photograph’d below during, I recall, the ‘protests’ against Operation Summer Rain in 2006).

John Wight addressing anti-war (sic.) rally in July 2006
John Wight addressing anti-war (sic.) rally in July 2006

Kevin Williamson appears to be a genuine socialist and anti-war protester in that he believes in egalitarianism and thinks war is always to be considered an absolute disaster. His letter of resignation from the Scottish Socialist Party is one of sorrow and grief at the mortal, and self-inflicted wound in which egos like Tommy “King Louis” Sheridan and his henchmen such as Wight took a grassroots socialist party on the cusp of genuine political power, and dismembered it for egos-sake. But, I disagree with him when he disparages Wight’s “socialist” credentials.

I think Wight has one brand of socialism to a tee. He speaks of something called “International Jewry” and I first became aware of him when, over at Engage, he endorsed an article from the Committee for an Open Discussion on the Holocaust (I’m not linking to that!!!). Of course, he offered an “apology” for not having seen anything untoward in a neo-Nazi and Holocaust Denial site.

I have little doubt this is an individual who is barely suppressing an inner violence, and finds an outlet in the ’causes’ he supports. As Williamson alludes to, on 5 May 2008, an article by Wight in the Morning Star poured scorn on Gerry Adams’ entering a power-sharing agreement in Norn Ireland (discussed here and here). During Operation Cast Lead in December 2008 and January 2009, open communiques from Hamas were appearing on the Socialist Unity blog without comment. I would not be surprised if Wight were behind it.

Although Williamson is quite right to publicize Wight’s actions, what he gets wrong, I believe, is his assertion that the Scottish Palestinian Solidarity Campaign should be made aware of Wight’s revolting persona. I think he fits right in. You, see, its brand of anti-Zionism has long since fudged the distinction betwixt it and full-blown antisemitism to make such a distinction surely meaningless.

The current Chair of the SPSC is former English lecturer for BAe, Mick Napier. When I was a breathtakingly naive kitten, I considered joining the likes of the SWP and I last spoke with Napier in early 2003, at a street-stall where we were joined by a pair of Israeli tourists objecting to the literature. Napier was polite and affable, and everything ended nicely. I doubt a repeat shalom would be offered, as he appears to have leapt fully into the abyss.

To coincide with the January Holocaust Memorial Day in 2006, at St. Augustine church on George One-Vee Bridge, he and the SPSC staged the Stalin-era culumny, Perdition which claimed European Zionist Jews had collaborated with the Nazis. In November 2007, the ‘ex-Jew’ ~*whose name I dare not mention lest he turn up*~ and saxophonist was invited to perform by the SPSC when those all around were pointing to his more than objectively antisemitic cant and endorsement by Borat look-alike and Swedish neo-Nazi, Adam Ermash (aka Israel Shamir; neé Jöran Jermas). Napier then wrote a missive for the SPSC excoriating ~*whose name I dare not mention lest he turn up*~ and Jermas/Ermash/Shamir, but neglected to mention his previously finding common cause (rather like Wight and CODOH).

One of Napier’s other low-points came in the aftermath of the Merkaz HaRav yeshiva mass-murder in which eight unarmed seminary students, four aged 16 and under, were shot dead by a Palestinian Arab. For the SPSC, he wrote in which he described the dead as having been instilled with a “contempt for all Gentiles, not only Arabs”.

It’s true that this yeshiva has close connexions with the religious Zionist Settler movement, which I have mixed feelings about, but Napier went beyond this and recycled the perversion of Amos 3:2 about a declared group of Jews believing in racial supremacy and that they are exempt from the normal code of morality. In Napier’s view, this racist murderer did not commit racist murders, but an act of liberation theology in which he eliminated those “who were being trained to oppress and dispossess him, his family, his entire people”. Napier went to express an morbid fear of “armed Jews”, and to say that the racist murderer was “himself killed by an armed student”. Pesky Jews, eh? Fighting back.

It should also be noted that Napier initially cited a webpage Radio Islam which, as far a source of Holocaust Denial material goes, ranks higher than CODOH. I saw it. Funnily, after attention was drawn to this at Harry’s Place, the article was revised.

In a semantic bastardization, he also planted an inference that the dead at the yeshiva were supportive to the Hebron mosque massacre, in similar circumstances, by Baruch Goldstein. Like Wight, here I see an individual who argues for violent retaliation and perpetuation of conflict and eyes for eyes (and he doesn’t mean a pecuniary settlement). All from the safety of Western Europe.

Back at Williamson’s blog, he says:

Five peace activists heard the threat, including an elderly member of the Scottish Palestinian Solidarity Campaign who said he’d never heard the likes, that he was utterly disgusted, and would be raising the issue at the next meeting of the SPSC.

Now, I am quite sure there are… in fact, I know individuals involved with the SPSC who are motivated by a genuine desire for peace and felicity amongst all members of the Covenant of Frith, but if one is a gentle soul and genuine pacifist looking askance at this behaviour, what to do?

Leave the SPSC?


5 Responses to “John Wight – Man of Violence”

  1. FrankRyansEurorailT icket Says:

    Actually since Williamsons malicious attack, one of the witnesses, one of the “5 peace activists who heard the threat” has come forward on Socialist Unity to challenge Kevins version of events, and she is a friend of Williamson and a political enemy of Wight. This personal campaign is pathetic.

  2. FrankRyansEurorailTicket Says:

    Its nice to see that you have used a picture of Wight from the nazi site “red watch”.

  3. Alec Says:

    Now, now then… Wight’s own tactics of referring to a private individual promoting her film at the EIFF as an “Israeli delegate”, or Mick Napier’s calling Daniel Barenbaum’s mates “Israeli riflemen” is a bit Red Watchy, ain’t they?

    Not that two wrongs make a right, of course… actually, they do, sorry… a -ve times a -ve produces a +ve… I digress. Just ‘cos Wightie pursues private individuals, intent on preventing normalization of their society’s cultural activities doesn’t make it appropriate for others to go all Red Watch on him.

    Of course, I did not get that photograph from Red Watch. I first saw it a couple of years ago on, as I recall, a site sympathetic to Wight; but only now realized who it was. It was in the public domain which is where, I assume, Red Watch would have got it from. Look at it. It’s not a surveillance piccie; he was posing at a rally (looks like down from Laurieston Place).

    I assume this was when he declared “we’re all Hezbollah now” (yeah! Only the SSP lost more votes), causing Bruce Kent to distance himself.

    PS Is there an incremental scale of “Nazi sites”? Do CODOH or, as others in the SPSC have endorsed, that of Israel Shamir (a.k.a. Adam Erdash) or a certain saxophonist ~*whose name I dare not mention lest he actually turn up*~ not count?

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