Lee John Barnes is the legal eagle (LLB Hons) for the British National Party. He is also a blogger. But he doesn’t like Facebook, Twitter and the likes. This is what he says:

I hate anyone with a fucking facebook account, who twitters, who has a myspace account, who spends time posting up pictures of their sad lives and their ugly mugs on the internet – if you have one of those techno shite accounts then you are sad fucking, no life, metrosexual twat.

Anyone who has the time to spend posting up pictures of them being sick, drinking, gurning into a camera, or what-the fuck-ever on any techno shite site needs to get out and have a real life – you sad internet nerds.

Irony is often misused when paradoxical or unfortunate coincidence would be more appropriate. Such as when one considers this recent convert to such sad, metrosexual twattery:


Lee John Barnes is 43.


One Response to “Whoops”

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