BNP Supporter Never Would Vote for the BNP in One Million Years

This is one for the legal eagle of the BNP, Lee John Barnes (LLB Hons) who hates Twitter but recently created a spoof account for Charlie Brooker on which he spends entire afternoons.

The BNP claims to support British troops. Its current BNP electioneering campaign includes the following image of what is purportedly the opinion of a serving British soldier:


But what’s happening here? I do not know whence comes the quotation (please, a “quote” is something one’s builder gives), but the individual in question, one former Scots Guard NCO called Stuart Walker, believes – as I do – that the BNP are a bunch of knuckle-scraping racists with unreconstructed Nazis at their core.

This is not the first time the BNP have been accused of using models for their election leaflets.

Lee? Have any electoral rules been broken?


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3 Responses to “BNP Supporter Never Would Vote for the BNP in One Million Years”

  1. R Bell Says:

    The problem is that the BNP are not all thick.

    The problem is that they’ve been written off so many times, or stereotyped – as bourgeois, by the far left, even when much of their support is working class… or as a bouncer’s convention, something which ignores their numerous donors, fellow travellers etc, who are not skinhead thugs, but often fairly respectable looking old folk, vicars, and business people.

    Some of them are even quite intelligent or educated.

    I think that these stereotypes, and the ANL/AFA folk have allowed the BNP to grow unwittingly. They should probably realise that the BNP is addressing certain issues that other parties are ignoring, such as inner city crime, deterioration of race relations, and even the English question. True, they provide the wrong answers to many of these, but they are addressing these very real issues.

  2. Efrafan Days Says:

    That’s all fair, Rosie, but mocking them is more fun. Lee John Barnes, for instance, is LLB (Hons) and Nick Griffin, even though he got only a third class degree, did go to Oxbridge.

    The main electoral difficulty, I think, is that people don’t like the BNP – ably helped by the likes of Barnesy who think Odinism is indigenous to the British Isles – but do have sympathy for some of their politics. If the BNP got their act together, we’d be in trouble.

  3. BNP versus Andy McNab « A Rabbit's Eye View of the Hyperborean North Says:

    […] procede to attract strong opposition from actual members such as McNab or former Scots Guards NCO, Stuart Walker; and eager to dismiss VC recipients, such as Johnson Beharry, as unwelcome […]

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