Mea Culpa, John Wight

I have to apologize to John Wight – sometime press secretary for the Scottish Palestinian Solidarity Campaign, and convener for Edinburgh Stop the War – No! Not that One! – Coalition – who has difficulties telling when not to endorse Holocaust Denial material and believes that Israel is a “hydra-headed monster” against which are “arrayed the forces of human progress” (making, I assume, Israelis right down to neo-nates at Kaplan Hospital, Rehivot, non-human). All that is required, as he says, is for a veritable St. George fighting the Zionist worm to cast those scales from their eyes! As Wibby Wallywellies, over at Shiraz Socialist, has just caused to happen to me!

This is a monstrous outrage! You lumpen scum are not fit to lick John Wight’s polished boots, or the cuffs of his brown shirt. You are not even fit to lick his gleaming helmet.

John understands the molten serenity that will engulf all when the last Jewmonster rattles his finalt breath. He understands the urges that course through me and the extansible joy, unbound in it’s droniquity, that shudders my body mass when I confront the ultimate solution.

As the Argentinians showed, the hunt will soon start worldwide, and as it’s leaders John and I will ascend to the plateau of divinity, were we will roil in ecstasy and blood.

Onion Johnny, I am sorry! Now, I need a bath…


2 Responses to “Mea Culpa, John Wight”

  1. Fabian from Israel Says:

    Rehovot, not Rehivot.

    I have to bath too. I participated yesterday in an Argentinian forum. Puaj!

  2. Efrafan Days Says:

    Mea culpa, then, Fabian.

    Was Buster there? I’m always surprised that he can reach the keyboard.

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