Jonathan Hoffman is Revolting

… revolting against staging Carol Churchill’s modern mystery play, Seven Jewish Children, in which an amorphous Jewish voice declares itself to represent the Chosen People and is relieved at the sight of non-Jewish children being injured or killed; as reported in Haaretz.

The Writing on the Wall Festival plans to stage this mystery play and had been due to receive Liverpool City Council funds. This would have been unsettling enough, but the Chair of the British Zionist Federation, Hoffman, attempted to persuade the Festival organizers to stage a counter play – Seven Other Children by Robert Stirling. This was declined because, as said by a spokeswoman, the programme had been planned months in advance. Perhaps someone should tell the Edinburgh International Film Festival that.

Hoffman told Haaretz that “the existence of ‘Seven Other Children’ was key to Liverpool Council’s decision on funding Writing On The Wall and will make other city administrations and funding bodies think hard about sponsoring Seven Jewish Children without a performance of Seven Other Children.”

The Festival’s website still reports the Liverpool City Council, as well as the Arts Council of England as amongst its sponsors, so I will keep readers updated. Assuming I have any, that is.

UPDATE – Jonathan tells me that funding for the current year has already been delivered, and will not be returned (hence the inclusion on the website). Because of the Festival’s failure to include Seven Other Children, however, no funding will be received next year. Stage that mystery play if you wish, just do not expect state funding.


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2 Responses to “Jonathan Hoffman is Revolting”

  1. Clap Hammer Says:

    Jonathan. Ask for the ‘Seven Muslim Children to be staged too. To give some moral balance

    Seven Muslim Children

  2. Efrafan Days Says:

    Hmmm, I’ll approve that, Clap, as, in my experience, those defending the staging of Churchill’s mystery play *would* object to this other one – despite their being thematically the same (even if, recall, Jews represent a distinct ethnic group both historically and under British law; Muslims do not).

    I loathe the neologism “Islamophobia” but, ultimately, take David T’s line on anti-Muslim bigotry.

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