What Would Oliver Cromwell Have Done?

He would have got the guns out! As Francis Sedgemore observes, this was on the cards as, with one voice, the MPs cried in their alarm, we have been shown to be liars.

Facing being made a blood sacrifice for their god Demos (TM Francis Sedgemore 2009), Speaker Michael Martin instead opted for apotheosis and elevation to the Other Place, attracting more venom from meejah types and right-wing plutocrats. This would be a first, as it is easier to be expelled from the Marylebone Cricket Club than the Lords.

Meanwhile, this week’s Caithness Courier reports that the baby-faced Labour Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for the Hyperborean North believes that John Thurso should stand down to be on the safe side. He does not have specific charges against Efrafa Warren’s preferred candidate – such as funding retirement homes or phantom mortgages or claiming for 16 bedsheets in a one bedroom flat (was he running a brothel?) – but believes Thurso’s seven directorships are not conductive to an MP whom, in this missive, I reported as spending some £3,000 on stationary and postage costs for his constituents.

John Thurso is 55 and has set-up international hotels. John Mackay is 32 and has worked in IT and the financial services sector.


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