Eating Testicles

I had wondered why there was a delicacy in the American and Canadian prairies called Rocky Mountain or Prairie Oysters. Now I know. They are deep-fried bull or bison testicles, and last night I ate my first balls (albeit lamb).

In our price conscious times, they are not just cheap, they were free-of-charge for me (same for pig trotters, which few people in Caithness appear to seek out). A local butcher with easy access to nearby slaughter houses or farms is probably essential. Tesco willnot stock these!

After much shrieking from my mother, I peeled off the outer muscular layer with its venous supply and cut the sperm ducts on four lamb testicles (feeling no involuntary contractions in my own), and sliced them as below. (I have since found out that partially freezing them makes peeling easier.)


They have similar structure to other sweetbreads, notably the pancreas, so can be prepared similarly. Remember, this is offal, so should not be cooked as strongly as butchers’ meat. I fried them gently with some leeks and herbs. Lovely! I will definitely do this again, probably with carrots and creme fraiche. I may even buy this book.


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2 Responses to “Eating Testicles”

  1. Fabian from Israel Says:

    Pass me some balls, please.

  2. Alec Says:

    Good guocho food as well?

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