It Could Have Been Worse

For the 1992 General Election, Robert Heany, the Tory PPC for the Na h-Eileanan an Iar (Western Isles) constituency decided to run on a ticket of “saving Britain from the Papist intrigues of Europe”, and promptly alienated the southern half of the constituency. As I discussed in this missive, John Mackay, Labour PPC for Caithness and Sutherland and Easter Ross may have made his own boo-boo.

This week’s John o’Groat Journal reports Efrafa Warren’s preferred candidate, John Thurso, as scotching the central inference which Mackay sought to place in minds; that he uses his position as MP to obtain well-paid directorships. Several are not even remunerated. Thurso also describes one of the most fancy pieces of furniture he purchased for his second home in the Great Wen: a £30 clothes rail. I can confirm that any islands for ducks in [the town of] Thurso are not on his private grounds.

Loosing prospective voters quicker than Heany did on Benbecula, several letters in the print edition chimed in support of Thurso after the article in Wednesday’s Caithness Courier, despite the normal closing time for letters in the Groat being Tuesday. One contrary letter did attempt to direct suspicions that Thurso had deliberately sought to avoid votes in the matter but, as I have said before, appearing at 65% of sessions whilst also acting as Shadow Secretary of State for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform means a man cannot be everywhere at once.

MPs are on a very steep learning curve as what was previously thought a minor issue has turned in something monstrous – as St Michael of the Gorbals realized before he opted for apotheosis – and they do collectively share the responsibility for creating through inattention something which allowed privately wealthy individuals to claim £30,000 in gardening expenses or shriek about the lower-class oiks being jealous. I have no doubt Mackay would do his utmost at whatever task he was given, and this should shine through after a few more years of life-experience.

It is still Vote John Thurso! from here.

In other news, Nadine Dorries – not only is she suspected of swinging the lead, she is also pro-homoeopathy – fears MPs may be becoming suicidal. Well, Ann Widdecombe is a former Samaritan. She will be there for anyone in distress.


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