Taj Mahal Re-Opens

In one of my first missives, I reported the destruction in an explosion/fire of the most popular curry-house in Caithness, the Taj Mahal in Castletown. The Bengali owners were in the process of opening a new restaurant at the old chippie in Halkirk, and I see that this has now taken place.


In dark skulduggerous deeds, it appears that the original fire may have been a 21st Century version of the ice-cream wars in 1980s Glasgow. License-owner of another take-away in Caithness, Gulzar Miah, is reported to have been arrested in connexion with the fire. In the comments boxes, Ali – who appears to be a former employee of this second business – has made specific allegations against the owners. On reflection, I have removed the most incendiary remarks but am willing to link to any confirmed information which is in the public domain.


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4 Responses to “Taj Mahal Re-Opens”

  1. Ali Says:

    It was done by the owner of K2 (Wick)/Indian Palace (Thurso). He got a bit jealous because he felt he was losing business to them. He is now in remand for it amonst other things i.e VAT Fraud, employing 11 illegal immigrants, etc….

  2. Alec Says:

    Hi, Ali, good to know I have local readers.

    Well, it was the most popular curry house in Caithness. I’ve looked around, and found formal confirmation of his arrest, so will leave it up. Gosh, exciting times in Caithness!

    I was speaking to the owner of the Taj, and he told me the Castletown property hadn’t been insured (!). If convictions result, I wonder if he’ll be able to sue for recompense. Either way, a significant business rival will be indisposed for a while.

  3. Ali Says:

    This criminal family need to be stopped and sent back to London, where they came from. Even though one of them is behind bars at the moment awaiting trial, his Brother and Uncle are still on the loose running both Restaurants. I was a waiter at the K2 and Indian Palace, I left because of the way they treat their employees.


    I’m back in Birmingham now, away from all this. I hope the word spreads about these hoodlums, and people take action against them. I for one would advise everybody in Caithness to avoid the K2 in Wick and Indian Palace in Thurso. These thugs do not deserve to have their pokets lined with cash from the decent folk of Caithness.

  4. Alec Says:

    Hmm, I’m willing to leave that up in the spirit of open debate, but I’ll make clear that I have no conclusive evidence to suspect other family members of criminality. If there is proof in the public domain, I’m happy to link to it.

    It’s interesting what you said, though, about sending them back to where they belong (London). The BNP achieved some 30,000 votes across Scotland in the Euro elections (I don’t have the break-down for the Highlands) but, despite their attempts to sow dissent amongst rural constituencies, up in Caithness the first loyalty is for anyone who works hard and benefits local society.

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