Resisting Aggression with Daud Abdullah

Mohammed N Asif is the President of the Scottish Afghan Society, whose recently resurrected blog can be found here. On Monday 1 June, he will be addressing the AGM of the Tyneside Stop the War Coalition Monthly Meeting in a speech entitled a “public meeting about war, occupation and resistance”.

The wars in question, in Iraq and Afghanistan, have been formally over for anywhere between four and seven years. Combat operations and urban conflict have, indeed, continued, but primarily against supporters of the Taleban or Al Qaeda in Iraq or unreconstructed Ba’athists. The question of occupation is a strange one, considering that both countries have held democratic elections and the subsequent United Nations recognized Governments have continued to grant Western military forces access to the countries in question.

Asif describes himself as a journalist in exile. Yet, he also states that he left Afghanistan “because of the oppressive regieme” in 2000. That is, when the Talibs were in control and long before B52s came a hunting. I do not seek to minimize the trials and tribulations the Afghan population has experienced over the past seven years, but Asif’s implied continued exile 2001-9 and explicitly stated position that the current situation is a retrograde step is somewhat contradicted by the views of Afghans still living there.

Another question could be Asif’s concept of resistance and non-violence. He is reported to be seen on right of this photograph taken from the SAS’ Flickr photostream.

Theology from Muslim Perspective and Resistance to Aggression

No to War? Are Jews or Royal Navy personnel exempt from this appeal to the protect all the Children of the Covenant of Frith? You see, centre, with finger held aloft, is the Deputy Chairman of the Muslim Council of Britain, Daud Abdullad: any time soon he is going to make real his threat to sue the Secretary of State for Communities, Hazel Blears, after she drew attention to his signing of endorsing the Istanbul Declaration which many have interpreted as a call to attack both Israeli and Jewish civilians worldwide, not to mention British service personnel. And heads of states which are deemed supportive of Israel. That would include the Queen! Where are the Beefeaters?

Next to them is Mick Napier, Chairman of the Scottish Palestinian Solidarity Campaign whom, as I discussed in an earlier missive, seeks to excuse the murder of eight unarmed teenage seminary students because, amongst other reasons, they are religious Jews being taught “a hatred of Gentiles”. Until pointed out, he also cited Islam Online, a website which hosts Holocaust Denial material.

The above photograph appears to have been date-stamped 10 May 2009, when Abdullah’s spat with Blears had been in the public domain for some weeks. See also the banner “criminalizing solidarity with Palestine”? Given that, when Abdullah addressed the AGM of the national StWC a fortnight earlier, he had been billed as having “currently under attack from the government for his statements in support of the Palestinians”, I think that may be a monstrously delusional reference to him. And grossly offensive slight to those of us who think Palestinian Arabs are human beings as well, and that support for them is not synomous with backing for violent jihad and targeted violence against Jews-as-Jews.

I have my doubts about Asif’s appropriateness at any pro-peace event, but I am even more concerned that Abdullah may be present at this latest AGM also. That would be really embarassing for their hosts.


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