Quaking Bog

A wonderfully evocative name.

On one of the hottest Sundays of the year, I took it on myself to cycle 50 miles with not nearly enough fluid. My bicycle had been out of action for several weeks, so this was my first half century for a while. As I was labouring up the Drumhollistan towards Melvich, I was thinking… something is missing, something is not right… oh, yes! My arse is not hurting!

Getting out was fantastic, with a tail wind pushing me to nigh on 50 mph coming down the Sutherland side of Drumhollistan. In a vain attempt to dodge the head wind on the way back, I ducked down towards Broubster Leans, site of an RSPB sanctuary, Bronze Age megalithic arrangement and one of the finest unbroken quaking bogs in the United Kingdom.


(Copyright David Glass and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons License.)

This scene of nearby Loch Thormaid shows the terrain typical to a quaking bog (or schwingmoor) in which a mat of vegetation up to half a metre in thickness will rest on water or water-logged peat, and responds to pressure by visibly quaking or wobbling.



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