John Wight Accepts Hamas Poses a Mortal Threat to Israel

John Wight, press secretary for the Scottish Palestinian Solidarity Campaign and sometime convener of the Edinburgh Stop the War – No! Not that One! – Coalition, would sue David Hish of Goldsmiths College, UCL for defamation but for the prohibative costs of a claim which he [Wight] believes he is guaranteed to win at great expense to Hirsh. He also blogs at the oxymoronically-named Socialist Unity.

As I discussed yesterday, Wight continues to believe that Israeli film director, Tali Shalom-Ezer, is an “Israeli delegate” with the associations of representing the state of Israel at the Edinburgh Internation Film Festival, and not her film, Surrogate. In light of his recorded belief in a threat to “human progress” from the “hydra-headed monster” of the state of Israel which influences something called “International Jewry”, and relevance of articles from the CODOH website, one could reasonably wonder if he believes that his opposition to Shalom-Ezer’s passage being funded by her country represents a modernday sippenhaft. He does refer to his polemics against the state of Israel in quasi-religious terms, describing it as a transcendental experience.

Wight has a letter published in The Independent, in response to director Gary Sinyor’s decision to return his 1992 EIFF award for his debut film, Leon the Pig Farmer, in response to the EIFF agreeing that Ken Loach speaks for the film making ‘community’. Risking a descent into a murderous rage, I read it.

The standard persistence in not seeing anything disreputable about Loach’s attempts to block funding of Shalom-Ezer’s passage to Edinburgh and willingness to associate individual Israelis or Jews and the decree on what terms they should feel welcome is there. What is also seen is:

As for Mr Synor’s assertion that “Hamas is more of a direct threat to Israelis that Saddam ever was to the UK”, are we expected to believe that the three-week assault on the Gaza Strip by the Israeli military in January, which killed 400 women and children, utilising white phosphorus shells against civilians, UN compounds and schools – an assault the UN and the Red Cross described as a war crime – was justified by the refusal of Hamas to recognise the state responsible for the ethnic cleansing of 750,000 Palestinians in 1948, the expropriation of 78 per cent of their land, the building and expansion of illegal settlements on the land occupied since 1967, and the imprisonment of 1.5 million humans for daring to exercise their democratic right to vote for a government of their choice?

There are more falsehoods that sentances (or more sentances than there should have been) here. First, Hamas merely received the largest voting bloc in regional elections, not Executive control which continued to be held by the President of the Palestinian Authority and which they seized 100% of in Gaza. Secondly, the state of Israel does not make up 78% of the Mandate area: the state of Jordan does.

But, leave that. What is most interesting is that, in response to Sinyor’s assertion that Hamas poses a graver threat to Israel than Saddam Hussein did to the UK or USA (cf. Loach’s gracious permission for the EIFF to receive funding from the US Consulate and British Government bodies), Wight does not refute this. He merely lists perceived misdeeds of the state of Israel which, being someone who thinks any Arab politician who opposes Hamas is a “collaborationist”, he believes Hamas is justified in opposing.

So, the conclusion I am taking is that Wight, from the safety of Edinburgh streets, is perfectly happy to see the I/P conflict rumble on as long as Hamas persists with violent opposition to the state of Israel.

This is why I call him a Man of Violence.



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