BNP Leaflets in Caithness

When the complete BNP membership list was posted online last November, I saw there was one member listed in Thurso. I entrust he has received the BNP campaign leaflet which popped through my door today. Not all Royal Mail sorting offices were so willing.

Royal Mail workers have refused to deliver British National Party election leaflets as their union accuses Royal Mail of breaking a ‘conscience clause’ allowing staff to refuse to deliver literature they find offensive.

A number of the 160 delivery staff at a postal depot in Macclesfield told bosses they would not distribute the material. Some postal staff in Prestwich, Bury, Glossop, Wilmslow, and Alderley Edge have also objected to delivering the leaflets.

Sian Jones, spokeswoman for the Communication Workers Union said: “At Macclesfield staff were apparently told by delivery depot manager that if they did not deliver the BNP leaflets they would not be allowed to deliver any political leaflets, and so would lose money, as they get extra for delivering them. That is a clear breach of the clause we agreed.”

I cannot find up-to-date reports on this, but I hope that either the staff delivered the leaflets or did not deliver any political leaflets and forewent the additional payments. Loathe them as I do as a bunch of knuckle-scraping racists with unreconstructed Nazis at their core, the BNP are a legal political party and the Royal Mail is there to deliver all post. Plus, matters of ‘conscience’ are just that: courses of action which one considers morally acceptable and worth a certain amount of inconvenience. Such as foregoing a bonus payment because one does not agree with the task. If I donate all my salary to charity, that would make me a generous person. I would not, then, be able to demand a 100% pay-rise.

The leaflet itself, however, contains some inaccuracies. Under the banner of “the New Battle for Britain”, it promises to tackle immigration and “EU rule”. This would include, I assume, Polish migrant workers. The snag is the Spitfire which appears on the leaflet.


Belonging to 303 Squadron, this Spitfire was almost certainly piloted by a Polish airman who had escaped the Fall of France. Nick Griffin is reported to have said (note, links to the BNP website) on 1 March that this was chosen pointedly to honour all the children of Europe, whom the BNP love (although, head of publicity, Mark Collett took this a little too far). This was presumably a similar excuse as Father Ted used when he said the deposit was simply to test the Irish fraud investigators, as the faux pas had been reported a week earlier.

Nor was it the only picture of dubious providence. As the Daily Telegraph reported, a photograph of two white-haired dears expressing their confidence in the BNP’s pensioner rights policy was, in fact, of Italian models. Maybe they were Roberto Fiore’s grandparents.

Funnily, there was no photograph of a uniformed soldier.


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