Lybster to Become Saudi Arabia of the Hyperborean North

Caithness Oil, a subsidiary of London-based Caithness Petroleum is currently investigating the economic viability of receiving oil at Lybster from a field about two miles into the Moray Firth. This week’s Caithness Courier is reporting that, although falling global oil-prices have put a temporary kybosh on plans, Lybster and Clyth Community Council intends to create a charitable trust to invest profits from any future extraction (helped by five grand already donated by Caithness Petroleum).

Rig at Swiney

(Copyright Marshall Bowman.)

Elsewhere, the Scotsman reports on developing plans to turn the Pentland Firth into what Fish-heid McMoonface has called the “Saudi Arabia of marine power” (the ability of this trained economist to predict financial meltdown is little better than his apparent appreciation of geo-science).

As I discussed in this missive, Google was eyeing the strong currents in the Firth for as a potential source of energy for its newly-patened water-based data centres. As the Scotsman article stated, the Crown Office cautioned that the 40 or so bids for the Firth was dependent on factors including grid connection, consenting processes, supply chains and economic support. Grid connectivity would not, at least, be a concern for the data-centres.


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