I Do Not Know What Came Over Me

In this missive I gave some politik words concerning something I had said about John Wight, an antisemite heavily involved in soi disant Palestinian solidarity campaigns. It related to allegations made on the Scottish Patient blog relating to Wight. My past experience with this affirmed believer in the threat to “human progress” by “the hydra-headed monster” represented by “comprising Zionist ethnic cleansers, US imperialists, and Arab collaborationist regimes” (that is, not the commonly accepted definition of a nation state bound by borders; but a quasi-cosmic entity which transcends geographic boundaries and includes a whole mindset), as well as an individual who issued not-so-covert threats of violence against my good self. As such, I would not have been *surprised* by the allegations.

Instead of Wight responding directly, an associate of his who, judging my the proffered e-mail address, is a named comrade of his at the oxymoronically-named Socialist Unity, started posting snarling threats and calling me pathetic. Remember, Wight is a man who calls a private citizen attempting to promote her film at the Edinburgh International Film Festival an “Israeli deligate” and attempts to prevent the normalization of any sort of Israeli cultural output in the United Kingdom. Yet, Wighty does not like it up him. Double yet, he does not say this himself, but sets his attack poodles onto me.

For some reason, I decided to back off. Sorry, folks, I apologize. Wighty, in my next missive you are going to get it right-up you.


2 Responses to “I Do Not Know What Came Over Me”

  1. Bracho-Cooke Says:

    United Nations was set up in 1945 to promote international peace, security and cooperation for only Jews and US-led malignants and take military or economic action against the Muslims. United Nations allowed America and Unaccepted Israel to invade Lebanon, Afghanistan and Iraq. United Nations is only to impose sanctions against Islamic States in attempting to force the Muslims. Crusaders have given Jews an overwhelming superiority in weapons and munitions of war to remove Muslim citizens from Palestine. Everybody knows that Unaccepted Israel was founded by Crusaders from Europe and the rest of the world whose goal had been to deliberately establish a Jewish homeland in Middle East of Muslims. The crusade malignants are stationed in Middle East and where Patriot missile batteries have been deployed to protect Israel. After all this, Crusaders shout with all hypocrisy and deception that they oppose the war on Palestine by Jews. Everyone witnessed the injustice and tyranny of the American-Israeli alliance against Muslims in Palestine and Lebanon.

    Americans, Europeans and Jews possess weapons of mass destruction and they are using these weapons to terrorize the Muslims. This world needs to push for the nuclear disarmament of the United States and Israel. The US has about 8,000 nuclear warheads and its corrupt lackey Israel has about 400 nuclear warheads, other nations will continue their efforts until the US and all [the powers of] global arrogance are fully disarmed. Mordechai Vanunu, a former worker at Israel’s Dimona nuclear reactor, revealed that Tel Aviv had produced enough fissile material to produce hundreds of nuclear warheads. Israel, which has started several wars in the region over the past six decades, has a policy of ambiguity over its nuclear weapons program.
    Why did they make chemical, biological and nuclear weapons? India and Israel were encouraged when they had carried out nuclear tests, but heavy sanctions were slapped on Pakistan when it conducted nuclear tests and aspersions were still being cast on nuclear assets of the country by United Nations of Jews.

    The events which followed the 9/11 incident proved that it was the brainchild of Jews. United Nations resulted in the emergence of a unipolar world and gave the USA a licence to attack Muslims it wished. We believe that Jews are legally responsible for the attacks of 9/11 but in response to the attacks, US-led malignants launched a War on Islam to depose the Islamic Government in Afghanistan and take control of the assets of Muslims. 2 years after the Islamic Government was driven out of Afghanistan by US-led malignants, the country is harassed with the slow process of rebuilding itself and establishing the fundamentalist malign regime. USA (including 25 nations) started Crusade Operation against Muslims under the excuse of fighting terrorism in October 07, 2001, which is in revenge for their defeat in the Crusades. Just about one million Muslim citizens have been martyred as a result of the US-led Crusade invasion and occupation in Iraq and Afghanistan. It was a full-fledged unjustified attack on Afghanistan when Jews and US-led malignants felt that all efforts to finish Islamic State and therefore US-led malignants launched massive attack on Muslim citizens by referring them as terrorists. We know American malignancy has proven that the occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq are serving Christian interests. American tumor has malignant intentions; the war on terror is the action or process of looting Iraqi oil, plundering of Silver from the mountains of Pakistan, stealing the Gold from mountains of Afghanistan. So-called democracy has been gifted by US-led malignants to Muslims in the form of killings, bombings, prostitution, pornography, demolition of houses and encouragement of un-Islamic practice and obscenity.

    The job of US-led malign politicians is to wait for orders from Jews, then carry them out.
    “Bush! – Troops to Iraq!” “Sir! Yes Sir”
    “Obama! – Troops to Afghanistan!” “Sir! Yes Sir”
    “Blair! – Vacation while we blow up Lebanon!” “Sir! Yes Sir!”
    “Denis Mcshane! – Pass laws that make it illegal to deny Holocaust, or to write the name of our country, the name identifying people of our country, or the name of our religion in any public medium, or sins we do, put the blame on Muslims!” “Sir! Yes Sir!”
    “Jack Straw! – Pass laws that make it illegal to wear Hijab or Veil!” “Sir! Yes Sir!”

  2. efrafandays Says:

    Too much Xmas sherry?

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