Shite Protest

This is not what the SPSC think Jews do to water supplies.

Three thousand pounds are, clearly, more signficant than £300 which the Scottish Palestinian Solidarity Campaign could not tholl the Edinburgh International Film Festival accepting from the Cultural Affair Department at the Israeli Embassy. And the SPSC, organized by men such as John Wight and Mick Napier who link to white supremacist and Islamist Holocaust Denial sites respectively, flush from the success of forcing the EIFF to return this filthy lucre are moving their attention to this year’s Leith Festival which receives £3000 in sponsorship from Veolia, which manages the Seafield sewage plant in Leith.

This Festival, which I have good memories, of has been sponsored for the past eight years by Veolia and attracts all and sundry from the cities of Leith and Edinburgh as well as beyond. Leith, in particular, has an ashram and gudwara and Bahai House and mosque and multiple churches, and associated community centres, within a short work (as well as two pubs which open at 6 am).

The SPSC are demanding, however, that the Festival to “repudiate” Veolia. I do not know if it were Napier or Wight who selected that word, but it is out-of-place both for what they wish to be seen as doing and what they are, in fact, doing. An association with Israel, has raised their ire.

Not that I care what the association is. This is truly dreadful. The Jewish Chronicle is reporting that the Leith Festival has not caved, but also quotes spokesmen by way of the SPSC site who indicate some wavering. In my experience, the SPSC has issued misleading and innaccurate information before. I hope sponsorship continues and everyone enjoys themselves on the closing weekend, but part of me does also wish to see a posee of SPSCniks turn up to picket a community festival so all can see them as a bunch of fucking nutters.

UPDATE – I telephone’d the switchboard of the Festival and, although the office staff cannot comment on this matter, it appears that all is chuntering along. Not expecting to receive an acknowledgement, I let slip the current investigations following the SPSC’s stunt over the Jerusalem Quartet last year as well as Napier and Wight’s tendencies to link to Holocaust Denial websites.


Also, it is pissing with rain in Leith. But all are having fun.


3 Responses to “Shite Protest”

  1. Pauilin Says:

    Actor and screenwriter Emma Thompson explains her role in The Journey. She says: “Let’s take advertising; the area of women’s magazines, the representation of women. I would ask people to question the way in which they’re selling their products. I would ask the government to question the way in which it’s a normal thing to walk into any newsagents and see very overt sexual pictures of women everywhere. This is what our kids grow up surrounded by. Is it any wonder that we buy and sell women on the street in broad daylight?

    All of this stuff is happening on the streets. More and more young men are finding it completely acceptable to pay for sex. Sweden has now made paying for sex illegal. All the traffickers are now taking the women to Germany, where selling sex is legal, and to Amsterdam, where there’s a huge problem. Men are paying for sex. Some of it is to do with not being able to arrive at any sort of sexual satisfaction in any other way, and a lot of it is men who’ve money who want more than what they can get from their partners.

    All that should be going on in schools, particularly this question of girls owning their bodies and not seeing them as things that have to be used. I’m constantly reading stories of girls of 16 or younger, feeling that they have to give themselves sexually in order to be accepted. Because the sex trafficking industry is an example. In most places women don’t have jurisdiction over their own bodies. They’re being used sexually as much as they ever were, to sell absolutely anything and everything. I watch them sexualising their behaviour very early on because of everything they watch and see. I’m pissed off, I’m so angry about it.”

    Now look what the problem is about after 9/11, troops are giving sacrifices but the terror is still remaining, why?
    Before launching massive attack on Muslims in Afghanistan, Pharaoh Bush said, “Muslims are going to remove our culture”. Bush also said that a man with the beard is a terrorist and a woman with the Scarf or Hijab is an extremist. A naked-woman is impressive & worthy of respect and a man without a beard is a hero for porn-film. Malignants (Bush/Blair) intentionally drove out Islamic governments realizing that Islam’s not in favour of Western and US Laws that are concerning indecency, obscenity, adultery, debauchery, fornication, lewdness, prostitution, pornography, immorality, religious intolerance, harlotry and violence under which women are deliberately being enjoined to be naked. Bush and his followers knew that the Hijab has become a symbol of a rejection of those negative Western lifestyles like drug-taking, pornography, binge-drinking and promiscuity. It’s a statement telling West, Muslims don’t want to be like you.

    In Europe and USA, a woman is considered a sexual toy; it is intentionally connected with prostitution and pornography. In west, women are allowed to take off their clothes completely when they’re on beach just behaving confidently in order not to appear ashamed, women are allowed to remain topless or to be naked except for a pair of underpants on beaches, their nakedness leads to greater promiscuity among new generation. It’s easy to talk about sex but difficult to be modest.

    Bush said, “Islam’s to finish our social values which include Prostitution, pornography and overt sexuality”. Overt sexuality is a US-led Western Perversion, which allows men a lot of freedom in sexual matters and especially where women are being considered only for their sexual attractiveness as they always choose to cohabit rather than marry; because (Wild Wild West) is “sex free society”. Jews try to control the world through sex, prostitution, pornography, sexual perversion, the promotion of espionage, traitory, and economic hoarding. The events which followed the 9/11 incident proved that it was the creation of Jews. While surfing on the Internet you can see more than 50,000 porn-websites and films made by Jews and Americans.

    Being a Muslim is a crime in Europe and USA. Wearing a Hijab by a woman is considered an offence crime in there, but if a woman wears only bra and G-string, it’s considered her right. 25 nations, (together with UK and USA) have for the past 8 years engaging in a policy of depriving Muslim nations of their sovereignty. We believe Muslims are doing nothing but defence of their countries, they’re not terrorists but we’re under Jewish control and Jews lead us to clash with Muslims. We know where UK and USA are going, they started war on Islam but they didn’t know Islam is not to be finished, Islam is for spreading. Since (the events which followed the 9/11 incident proved that it was the brainchild of Jews), countless Christians converted to Islam including Michael Jackson (The King Of Pop and changed his name to “Mikaeel”) and British Music Star (Cat Stevens) now Yusuf Islam.
    It’s better for Jews and Americans to reject the immoral acts of fornication, homosexuality, intoxicants, gambling, usury, prostitution and pornography.

  2. Bracho-Cooke Says:

    What happened on the morning of Eidul Azha in (30-12-2006) in Baghdad was disgusting. The Puppet Government made a human sacrifice on this day of sacrifices. Defying all conventions, the US handed over Saddam to a puppet government to execute him by hanging.

    Will American and British People choose Christmas or Easter Sunday for an execution of malignants (Blair/Bush) in their countries? That was what they did in Iraq with Saddam. It was total insensitivity towards the feelings of millions of Muslims all over the world. Saddam victims were less than the 7,20,000 dead for which malignants (Blair/Bush) are responsible. Were it not for their invasion, they would have still been alive. Without any moral justification, the strategy included a deployment of US troops to be stationed in Iraq with the intention of killing Muslim Civilians. Saddam Hussein was executed by a regime that was subservient to the US Jews. While moving to the gallows, he was defiant to the last moment, fully composed and no signs of anxiety were visible on his face. His execution was another act of follies committed in the series by the USA and UK.

    Justice demands that malignants who conspired against Saddam’s country and destroyed it completely and intentionally on flimsy grounds of possessing weapons of mass destruction need also be taken to task as these weapons were not found till date despite the hectic efforts of the UN inspectors deputed for the purpose. By the way, who had given malignants (Blair/Bush) authority to punish the president of a sovereign Muslim country thousands of miles away from the USA and UK?

    And for that matter, who will punish the malignants (Blair/Bush), their vice-president and secretary of state for masterminding the attack on Iraq in which almost 7,20,000 men, women and children have been massacred, thus destabilizing the whole country where stability now seems to be a far cry? It’s a gift of this trio to Iraq that has been responsible for creating differences between the three major nations in that country i.e. the Shias, the Kurds and the Muslims. The country is now in the grip of anarchy and fast heading towards its division into three smaller states. From the existing situation on ground, it looks as if more unrest and bloodshed is in store for Iraq.

    Saddam was logically not guilty of having Weapon of Mass Destruction but Israel’s illegal capability of having Weapon of Mass Destruction, which Britain helped to create. Malignants (Blair/Bush) invaded Iraq and disrupted the lives of millions (and setting off a chain of events killing tens or hundreds of thousands), they killed 7,20,000 Iraqis without justification.

  3. efrafandays Says:

    As enjoyable as it is to taunt, as in a latter-day Bedlam, loonies who spend their Xmas break posting walls of text to defunct posts on ill-read blogs, I cannot stop for long.

    >> Saddam Hussein was executed by a regime that was subservient to the US Jews.

    >> While surfing on the Internet you can see more than 50,000 porn-websites and films made by Jews and Americans.

    Do ewes not mean Zionists? Or are you Nazi scroats? It would also help if ewes were consistent about the number of Muslim civilians you say the US has killed.

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