Anne Widdecombe for Speaker

Nominations have closed for Speaker of the House of Commons, after the recent apotheosis of St. Michael of the Gorbals. Here at Efrafan Warren, we have decided on our preferred candidate. Well, I mean the royal we: there is a One Rabbit One Vote system in place here. I am the Rabbit and I have the Vote.

Anyway, we prefer Anne Widdecombe.


Partly as an Operation Chaos, and partly lest any Parliamentarian contemplate suicide. Auntie Anne is an ex Samaritan, so could easily talk them down from the Clock Tower.

In decreasing order of preference, our other choices would be:


… Ollie “Get Your Gun Out” Cromwell, to instill a fresh sense of discipline and imbue a blind terror in Parliamentarians who have previously been upset at not being able to charge for a home cinema system.


… the Rest of the World.


… Margaret Beckett.


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