Scots Troops Fight Taleban, Scots Courts Deport Taleban

Coverage continues to come in of the participation by the Black Watch, Third Batallion of Scotland (3 SCOTS) in Operation Panchai Palang (Panther’s Claw) against a Taleban stronghold at Babaji, Lashkar Gar.


In neat synchronicity, the Court of Session yesterday refused leave for appeal against deportation by Dawalat Khan Nasir. The reason being was his active involvement in one faction of a pro-Taleban group, Herzb-e-Islami (HIA) whilst British troops were a’ hunting in Afghanistan.

HIA is alligned to the Muslim Brotherhood and Jamlaat-e-Islami religio-political organizations, and Nasir Khan’s faction, Herzb-e-Islami Gulbuddin (HIG) is a proscribed terror group in Afghanistan, the UK and USA. Guantanamo was and remains home to dozens of members who were definitely *not* charity workers.

Khan Nasir arrived in the UK in 2006, straight from employment at HIG and funding his departure with a golden handshake. In fairness to the immigration services, he was identified immediately and removal procedures were initiated. He, however, instigated an appeal process, and has since then been residing at Home Office approved locations since (reports that he is in Sighthill, Glasgow, appear to be out-of-date).

All appears to have failed, as, in summing up, the Lord Hardie said:

We are satisfied that the involvement of the applicant in HIG was such as to amount to serious reasons for considering that he has been guilty of acts contrary to the purposes and principles of the UN… as a result of his involvement with HIG he is excluded from the protection of the Geneva Convention. There is accordingly no prospect of the applicant being successful in his appeal… we shall refuse leave to appeal.

I would have thought this was self-explanatory. HIG was founded in 1977 (i.e. two years before even the Soviet invasion) by Gulbuddin Hekmatyar who, where lacking in piety, made up for it as a composite thug. During his heady student days at Kabul University it was reported:

People who were at the university at the time say they remember Mr. Hekmatyar’s followers throwing acid at women students who did not wear veils, and even shooting at the legs of women who were wearing skirts rather than traditional garb.

Wherever there has been violence and conflict and bloodshed in Afghanistan over the past 30 years, Hekmatyar has been there in a personal capacity. Often fighting other warlords. Achieving the near impossible, his unrestrained violence – such as the 1994 shelling of Kabul which the Jamestown Review estimates killed as many as 25,000 civilians – even managed to alienate the Pakistani ISI which, in the mid-90s, elected instead to nurture Mullah Omar’s Taleban.

This did not discourage HIG. Following the 2001 invasion of Afghanistan, Hekmatyar’s son-in-law, Ghairat Baheer, refound a sense of Pashtun-fraternity by forging links with Mullah Omar’s Taleban. His reward was a comfy cell at Bagram Airbase, as his wife’s pa’ was kicked out of camps in Iran and resumed what he does best in Afghanistan (targetting ISAF troops, and Afghan civilians).

Thus, it was on this backdrop which Khan Nasir made his way to Blighty in 2006. My concern is not so much for the legal costs, as enunciated by the Daily Express. I am personally glad that in this country we can welcome tired and huddled masses. My beef is with accepting the causes of that tiredness and huddleness, such as Nasir Khan who merely wish to escape a gang-fight they have instigated or to use the security of British streets to pursue their reigional conflicts.

HIG and HIA remain active, with Baheer having been released from custody in June 2008 as part of ‘national reconcilliation’. Baheer now claims to be pursuing democratic argument to effect a withdrawal from Afghanistan: I would assume this did not include further assassination attempts on the Afghan President, as HIG is reported to have claimed responsibility for just two months before his release.

Maybe he and Nasir Khan met up in February 2009, when the former spoke at the Islamic Forum of Europe which operates out of the Jamlaat-e-Islami dominated London Muslim Centre. Who knows? What is for certain is, barring a last ditch appeal to the House of Lords, Nasir Khan should soon be on his way back to Afghanistan.

And 3 SCOTS. Let us hope they give him a right royal welcome.


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2 Responses to “Scots Troops Fight Taleban, Scots Courts Deport Taleban”

  1. gulbudin hekmatyar Says:

    Yes the very mr hekmatyar indeed mr king…. The very one!

  2. efrafandays Says:

    Free Afghanistan! Freedom from the Talibs!

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