I Agree With John Wight!

… at least, one whole sentence. Amnesty International has published report into operation Cast Lead of December and January 2008/9 (available in full here). This includes the conclusion that both the Israeli military and Hamas breached the rules of war and recklessly endangered uninvolved individuals. Being a self-selecting, non supra-democratic organization, AI doubtless has the means to effect its recommendations.

In discussing this at the oxymoronically-named Socialist Unity, Wight states:

In its attempt to accord both parties equal status in this conflict, and in its recommendations, Amnesty International have disgraced themselves.

I would not have said “disgraced”, but I do agree that it is problematic to equate Hamas policy which sees Jews hiding behind boxthorn trees and had been routinely firing unguided ordnance into residential areas of towns such as Sderot and Askhelon – often timed for school opening times – with the eventual high-tech response of the Israeli military (which one the employer of one Socialist Unity author supplies).

But, I could have largely agreed with Wight had he not reverted to form as a man who believes in the pernicious threat of “International Jewry” and the “hydra-headed monster” which represents Israel and her allies. And anyone with whom Wight does not agree.

Recommending that a people who’ve been systematically starved, terrorised, immiserated and reduced to the status of untermenschen

This is how untermenschen were treated:

death camps

This is a Gaza store, with wireless access, as Lauren Booth, whose brother-in-law used to be British Prime Minister visited:


A discernable difference.

This is an ongoing genocide which John Wight rarely mentions:


Wight also states:

The Palestinian people have the legal and moral right to resist the illegal occupation of their land, not to mention the continuing policy by the state of Israel of starving them into submission.

This is, of course, wrong on both counts. Even if it were factual, suicide-terrorism and targeting Jewish children as young as three on the grounds that they represent “future soldiers” is not a justified act. But forget this bloodlust, and look at Wight’s invoking the image of the Palestinian people.

He has previously stated that all but Hamas represents agents of the “hydra-headed monster” of Zionism, so now appears to be forgetting those Palestinian Arabs who do not support Hamas. Furthermore, in the comments box he states:

Backed by the Israelis and Egyptian intelligence, Fatah was in the process of attempting a coup to topple the Hamas government. Hamas got wind of it and moved first. They succeeded in preventing it. Fatah succeeded in removing Hamas from power in the West Bank, thus leaving the Palestinians polarised. Hamas, which enjoys popular support in Gaza, and wide support in the West bank, has every right to take measures to suppress any attempt to subvert its authority and democratic mandate, especially when those efforts originate with the oppressor of their people.

Thus, even in the context of this blog missive, Wight manages to claim to speak for the “Palestinian people” and then declare support for Hamas as a prerequisite for their being Palestinian Arab.

Hamas and anyone fighting Israel for any reason, to Wight, are “heroes”. Just as, I am sure, his grandmother thought Joyce Emily was.


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