Letting One Hundred Flowers Blossom…

… and one school of thought contend is the policy for promoting progress in the arts and the sciences and a flourishing socialist culture in our land. Socialist Unity, a leading British website dedicated to promoting revolutionary socialism is open for approved comments once more.

Similar to the Stop the War – No! Not that One! – Coalition and, even, the modern Green Party, SU had been a victim of its own success when it exceeded the database storage limit. Seventy seven thousand impecable comments, taking up 89 Mb of storage space, had pushed it beyond the 100 Mb stipulated only in the Terms and Conditions with its hosting company, 1and1. A revolutionary socialist cannot be expected to read legalistic documents.

But, now, rejoice, rejoice and all the other mixed quotations, SU is back! Albeit by a mass temporary Kronstadting of older comments and missives. Once more the reader can learn from the sage advice of Calvin Tucker – leering pin-striped spiv by day, Bolivarian socialist by night; Derek Wall – gender selected speaker for the Green Party who uses Zazen to pursue a pagan appreciation of the living world in a variety of ways; John Wight – 6′ 2” Internet hardman and purveyor of antisemitic soundbites; and, of course, the irrepresable Andy Newman, pictured below during his school-days.



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