TA During A’Levels

Lest anyone think that TA recruits are not real soldiers, consider reports in the Liverpool Echo of a local 19 year old recruit, Anthony Myers. He was given a fucking real machine-gun


Having forgotten to tell his parents that TA service was not limited to sentry duty or driving vehicles, Myers was caught in a fierce firefight whilst attached to the Mercian Regiment 4th Batallion on front-line patrol in Heland province, Afghanistan. In his first exchange of fire, a high-velocity bullet his him square in the shoulder next to his brachial artery.

Whilst being treated in a field hospital, he is reported to have observed two armed Taleban preparing to kill wounded troops. Myers grabbed his own weapon and killed one, thus alerting colleagues who killed the other.

Army bosses have described his actions as “inspiring”, and I am inclined to agree.

Independent footage of his being transferred to a static military hospital can also be seen:


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5 Responses to “TA During A’Levels”

  1. Fabian from Israel Says:

    What a hero!!! I wish him the best and fast recovery.

  2. Gordon Mackay Says:

    Yes, a hero indeed!

    As mentioned, this is inspiring, especially when you consider the deeply negative media generated about our armed forces serving in the middle east.

    Has this appeared in any of the national newspapers?

  3. Alec Says:

    Hi, Gordon, good to see I have local readers.

    I know TA soldiers from Thurso who’ve gone out to both Iraq and Afghanistan, and there are definitely regulars who’ve also done so. I saw this in the print edition of the Daily Express, but couldn’t find it online – not even at Helmand Blog – so used the Liverpool rags.

    Last night, Channel Four News, which makes a habit of sneering at hostages, described the Afghan elections next month as being the “first in four years”. Yeah, and this county has elections every fortnight.

    With luck, Dawalat Khan Nasir will be back home by then receiving a right royal welcome from 3 SCOTS.

    PS Fabian, he’s the same age as Gilad Shalit was when he was kidnapped.

  4. Gordon Mackay Says:

    Hi Alec,

    It’s nice to read articles written by local folk, the topics here generally beat those of the JOG :)

    Channel 4 news, well… I guess they could never be condemned for their sycophancy, but the sneering… seems to be part of their branding.

    Hehe, I wonder how Dawalat Khan Nasir feels going back to both the 3 SCOTS welcome you mentioned… and then the HIG one.

  5. Alec Says:

    Thanks, Gordon, I’m surprised the Groat seems to be sitting on one of the biggest stories of late here: the arson attack at the Taj Mahal in Castletown.

    Feel free to tell others of my blog. I currently have a daily readership of the population of Shebster… I’m hoping for that of Reay sometime soon.

    As far as I can seen, Khan Nasir is still awaiting extradiction. I know it’s wrong to wish someone harm, but I would have quite willingly exchanged him for this Afghan immigrant.

    I’ve previously wished to throttle Jon Snow with one of his delicately hand-painted ties. Snoopy the Goon discusses his calling qassam rockets “an irritant” to the Israeli Ambassador’s face.

    I realize qassams are home-knitted (often with sewage pipes intended for Gazan drainage), undirected and few in number, but even if they weren’t sometimes packed with ball-bearings dipped in rat-poison, they terrify and do kill residents of Sderot.

    If I took a six-shooter with no re-loads, and started firing wildly in the Thurso arcade – oh, I’m not going to, get out from behind the settee – I suspect people would find a reason not to go to the shops!

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