The Best and Worst of Lancashire

There have been many questionable Nobel Peace Prize Laureates, but one which really sticks in my throat is the 2007 Laureate, Al Gore. One of the inconvenient truths about this is that a failed nominee that year was Irena Sendler, the last surviving member of the Zegota: part of the Polish underground in WWII which successfully sheltered thousands of Jewish children and others from the Nazis.

Irena Sendler
Irena Sendler

At 97 years of age, this was surely to be the last chance to publically acknowledge a woman who insisted “we are not heroes. I continue to have qualms of conscience that I did so little”. She remained largely unknown until her death the next year, and the prize went to Al Gore.

What directed my mind down this path was reading of the actions of two English nuns in Nazi-occupied Rome, and their roles in the sheltering of many dozens of Jews in their convent. There is a bid to canonize one, Mother Ricarda Beauchamp Hambrough (also discussed at Roman Catholic Vocations). Her countrywoman, Sister Anthony (née Maria Antoniazzi), who has been made one of the 14 British Righteous Among the Nations by the Yad Vashem in Jerusalem; just as Sendler was.

In the rambling stream of consciousness which is my mind, this took me back to a missive in which I discussed Cllr. Salim Mulla of Blackburn and Darwen who has been linked to Jew-baiting e-mails sent by a number of, now dismissed or reprimanded Lancashire County Council employees.

Because Sister Anthony was from Lancashire.

[To be continued…]


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