Canada Fuck Yeah!

Terry Glavin – blogger, journalist, author who’d introduce you to the business-end of a Glock26 – has a new blog missive up. If any further encouragement is needed to read it, it concerns the invitation of Azzam “Kaboom” Tamimi to teach at the Toronto-based Al Fauz Institute for Islamic Thought (also reported on by Glavin in the National Post).

Tamimi could be described as a professional Palestinian anti-Israel demagogue. Born in 1955 at Hebron, his family departed for Kuwait in 1962 when the west Bank was still under Jordanian occupation. In 2004, when being interviewed by BBC Hardtalk, he described self-immolatory terrorism as “a noble cause. It is the straight way to pleasing my God and I would do it if I had the opportunity”. When asked when he was going to start, he is reputed to have insisted that he was unable to obtain a visa to enter Israel.

Hardly surprising, given his public pronouncement of an intention to kill Israeli soldiers and/or civilians, but it did not stop these fellows having a go.

Tamimi recently said of the Taleban, “with regard to their attitudes to liberation I say ‘Long live the Taliban”. This was at a time when insurgents were resisting Canadian service personnel, and cutting the wings of young love-birds. He can also be seen addressing a rally in London:

I do not know enough of the Al Fauz Institute or the Islamist scene in Canada to say if they share similar views to Tamimi, but Glavin makes the observation that academic institutes really ought to vet their employees. He also suggests that having bought into one part of Tamimi’s worldview, it is less easy to critically assess the rest:

There is a way to explain this, too, and it goes something like this: Once you take the green pill, you won’t even notice the blue pill’s effects. Lurid theology unavoidably bleeds into toxic ideology. As Tarek Fatah suggests, perhaps we should not expect perfectly candid answers from the institute’s principals in the first place because there’s more going on here than we’re meant to know.

The same could be said of those “anti-Zionists” or persistent critics of Israel who may not be antisemites themselves, but keep stumbling into antisemitic politics because they have chosen a path lined with antisemites.

Read the rest.

Glavin has also thoroughly debunked the notion that George Galloway was legally barred from Canada.


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