The Hezbollah Shebeen

The catchy nature of this tune and obvious sense of exuberance of the dancers does not detract from the wormwood-addled taste it leaves in one’s mouth.

“With blood, with guns we will free Lebanon”. It is a mistranslation! Oh, it is in English, bollocks.

Organized by the pro-Khomenist and narrowly-defined Islamic Human Rights Commission, this shebeen took place during the 2006 South Lebanon War. At 1800 hrs today, 22 July, the IHRC will host a lecture entitled “The universal theology of Liberation: Views from Muslim history” in its headquarters with the Islamic Centre of England at 140 Maida Vale, W9.

The principle speakers will be Mohamad Nasrin Nasir and Daud “You Sunk My Navy” Abdullah. Nasrin Nasir is co-editor of the Palestine Internationalist journal which, in its current edition announces that Israeli civilians even within the Green Line are on “occupied land which Israel has been told to evacuate countless times and by numerous UN resolutions”. Not one to distinguish between Jews and Zionists, this article, signed by Nasrin Nasir, argues that the belief they can remain is born “partly from Judaism” itself.

Abdullah, in turn, believes that being criticized from endorsing documents which are seen as calling for attacks on Israeli civilians and British naval personnel, is part of “criminalizing solidarity with Palestinians”.

Theology from Muslim Perspective and Resistance to Aggression

Given that the Maida Vale centre recently hosted a conference which commemorated the 20th anniversary of Khomeni’s death, it is perhaps unsurprising that instead of expressing concern over the Iranian Presidential elections. High profile campaigns, instead, include supporting Omar Abdul Rahman, currently serving life in an American gaol for his role in the 1993 World Trade Centre bombing. I could find no similar IHRC campaigns for Abdul Rahman, though.

I, like the IHRC, was pleased when Downing Street and the security services downgraded the terror threat level. Unlike the IHRC, however, despite any misgivings I may have had over individual policies or occurrences, I have difficulty seeing the original intention as being to smear all British Muslims as potential threats.

Just ones such as this

Truth be told, I do not see an insurmountable problem in describing jihadism and reactionary Khomenism such as is described above as “liberation theology”. It is just that, by a much more sympathetic assessment, so should Zionism.

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