He Got Blood on My Carpet

A goode frynde of mine and principled blogger is Samuel Pepys.  His missive for Saturday 20 January 1666 was shorter than usual:

To the office, where upon Mr. Kinaston’s coming to me about some business of Colonell Norwood’s, I sent my boy home for some papers, where, he staying longer than I would have him, and being vexed at the business and to be kept from my fellows in the office longer than was fit, I become angry, and boxed my boy when he came, that I do hurt my thumb so much, that I was not able to stir all the day after, and in great pain.


I sympathize with Sammy and entrust, as did Eric Walla in the annotations, that “hit him again for having the effrontery to hurt your thumb”. Poor Sammy has experienced difficulties with this impudent pup before, and inevitably ends up hurting himself more when he whips the cur.

His missive from Friday 28 February 1662 states:

The boy failing to call us up as I commanded, I was angry, and resolved to whip him for that and many other faults…I called the boy … and there I reckoned all his faults, and whipped him soundly, but the rods were so small that I fear they did not much hurt to him, but only to my arm, which I am already, within a quarter of an hour, not able to stir almost.



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