Meat Salads

An advantage of the wash-out summer has been vegetable growing.  Unlike last year when April and May saw consistent rain, causing the potatoes in particular to bolt and then wither before the subterranean produce had developed, now a warm spell allowed initial growth; then a wet spell encouraged some more; then another warm spell allowed the vegetables to luxuriate.  Another wet spell has pushed them on their way.


Inspecting the most recent crop of lettuces, though, I saw larvae and insects had set-up shop.  So, the past few days have been spent ploughing my way through them so not to waste any. 

The rocket and tarragon have been untouched, so they provide an additional spicy-tang.  Despite inspecting and washing the leaves thoroughly, I do wonder how much animal protein I am consuming in these salads.

Elsewhere, in the onion patch I maintain away from my home garden, I returned after the last main bout of rain and find creepers and other weeds were pulling the produce down to the ground.  So, after evicting the unwelcome guests, I preformed battle-field onion surgery with bamboo sticks and soft string; and recovery seems to be going well.


2 Responses to “Meat Salads”

  1. Dominic H Says:

    Is the picture above an intentional reference to George W Bush’s favourite book?

    It sure looks like an ever hungry caterpillar to me…

  2. Alec Says:

    Come now, Dominic, you’re not one to repeat such canards. It was Dubya’s favourite book for *children* (it can’t have been when he was a child, ‘cos it wasn’t published until he was 23). He is, after all, a man who wants to be seen as reading Camus.

    There’s a copy in the North Highland College library which must be at least one metre in length. TVHC, that is.

    The Elephant and the Bad Baby is another excellent morality tale. As were episodes of Mary, Mungo and Mitch.

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