This is not a word I use lightly. I would use it to describe those involved in the gang-murder of Ilan Halimi; or the murderer of Marwa El-Sherbini; or of Matthew Shepard.


I would use the same for Samira Ahmed Jassim, an Iraqi woman (left) who groomed for young women (and girls) for self-immolatory terrorist attacks. The popular and semi-apocryphal image of male self-immolatory terrorists anticipating the sexual pleasures of houris may appear to preclude the participation of women, but to turn the stomach further Jassim is reported to have orchestrated the rapes of her targets and then persuaded them that participation was the only way to expunge the shame.

In November 2008, The Sunday Telegraph reported on the detention of Rania Ibrahim as she attempted to detonate a bomb in Baquba, 50 miles north east of Baghdad.

Just 15 years old, she was the new bride of a cousin of another Lilith, Itisam Adwan. (The Telegraph ascribed to Adwan the sobriquet Umm Fatima, Mother of Fatima, which as also been ascribed to Jassim; although both are reported as being of different ages and arrested at different points.)


The young, abused and betrayed Ibrahim (right) has now been gaoled for six years by an Iraqi court. As crushingly sad as I find her case, I consider this a justifiable sentence, and hope she is treated with compassion and complete de-nazification. The renowned and consistently accurate MEMRI carries a transcript of her interview by Al-Baghdadiya TV, following her detention (footage is available on subscription).

At one point the interviewer said: “After you drank the peach juice and ate the bread, you felt dizzy?”. Ibrahim replied in the affirmative, which suggests an unwilling participant was used as a doped-up mule.

What makes it all the more dreadful is that The Sunday Telegraph reported that Ibrahim was not the youngest girl mule to have been detonated: the previous week to the publication of the article, a 13 year old girl was reported to have been detonated near to where Ibrahim was detained.

Whereas Ibrahim comes across as having been deemed to be the property of her charming muleteer husband, and raped women were seen as damaged/used material; the theme of sexual fury also appears to run through this phenomenon. Both Adwan and Jassin, if they are separate women, are reported to be the widows of other insurgents or self-immolatory terrorists – as are many of the adult women already identified in Iraq. The Chechen ‘black widows’ are assumed to have been widows of insurgents killed by Russian forces, and the ‘death maiden’ battalion of the LTTE needs little elaboration.

As this is the Middle East, it seems appropriate to describe the female controllers as Lilith sending forth their Lilithim.

The Sunday Telegraph further reported:

Brigadier General Abdul Karim Khalaf said: “The psychological pressures of the security situation that we used to have in Diyala – the systematic killing, especially in some parts of Baquba where the government’s forces’ presence was weak – allowed the insurgents to use religion to exploit women. Women bombers are a problem for us. Men can’t search women… so they take advantage of this weakness in Iraqi society.”

Some see the recruitment of women suicide bombers an act of desperation by al-Qaeda, which has been pushed out of its former strongholds in Baghdad and western Iraq by a surge of US forces. Diaa Rashwan, who follows Islamic militancy for Egypt’s Al-Ahram Centre for Political and Strategic Studies said women should be in the “last rows” of fighting. “So to see women (suicide bombers) shows an abnormal situation: the absence of men.”

A further grotesque tactical consideration would be that, in Iraqi society, male security personnel would not be permitted to search women. For this reason, at least one battalion of 200 female security officers has been recruited.


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4 Responses to “Evil”

  1. Taos Says:

    The lady is simply using the dictates of her culture to her advantage. Those dictates being that raped women are sub-human.

    Who’s really to blame here?

  2. Alec Says:

    Hmm, yes, it’s a question the cultural relatavists will be able to answer.

  3. seismicshock Says:

    That really is disgusting.

  4. Alec Says:

    Even more so than the Googles for my blog which include “nude Jews holocaust” and “holocaust pictures women”.

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