Blog Pruning

What the Dicken’s is going on at the blog affiliated with the Scottish-Islamic Foundation? Old links are going down like nine-pins!

The Quilliam Foundation, in its press release following the confirmation of Osama Saeed as the SNP PPC for Glasgow Central wrote:

Gives platform to extremists

Through the Scottish Islamic Foundation, Osama Saeed has given a platform to some of the most prominent Islamists in the UK. For example, the SIF has arranged on two occasions for Kemal Helbawy, the founder of the Muslim Association of Britain, and Alamin Belhaj, the head of the Libyan Muslim Brotherhood, to lecture young Scottish Muslims on Islam. On other occasions, Saeed’s SIF has given platforms to yet more foreign Islamists, including two senior members of the Brotherhood-linked Council for American Islamic Relations (CAIR) and the former head of the US branch of the Saudi-Wahhabi group the World Association of Muslim Youth (WAMY).

The first, second and fourth links, which I am sure I have seen before, now report errors 404 (the third links to the SIF official website, and is still accessible). Fortunately, Google Cache still yields the first.


2 Responses to “Blog Pruning”

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