Libya to Thank SNP Placeman


As international media focuses on Scottish Justice Secretary, Kenny Macaskill’s status as a human being, Osama Saeed – Director of the Scottish-Islamic Foundation and SNP PPC for Glasgow Central – is maybe a wee bit relieved that the forced repayment of £128,000 of public funds by the SIF has slipped off the inner-pages.

One of the hopes of Fish-heid McMoonface was that Saeed and the SIF would bring the joys of Islamic finance and petro-dollars (but not the Western capitalism which made the latter possible) to a roaring Celtic Tiger emerging from the pall of English colonialism.  Alas, even before the release of a mass-murderer on the grounds that dedicated oncological and paliative care, as well as visits from his family was not compassionate enough, this tiger had been libbed by a latter-day Darian and other eminently foreseeable diasters.

But, the push for Islamic finance is to go ahead, and in a departure from previous conduct, the SIF appears to be staging a conference with the Etisal Foundation in November at the Hilton Hotel in Glasgow.

But lookie at one of the countries sending delegates to the November event!  Can you guess yet?  Yes, it is Libya.

As Tom Harris observes, Scotland must be the first point of call for all things Libyan.

Wa’ like us?  None, thank fuck.


One Response to “Libya to Thank SNP Placeman”

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