A Picture of Mohammed


Please do not kill me!

(Taken from Jami’ al-Tawarikh (Compendium of Chronicles) by 13th Century Persian polymath, Rashin al-Din.)


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4 Responses to “A Picture of Mohammed”

  1. TheIrie Says:

    The point of this post being?

  2. Alec Says:

    A: It’s my blog;

    B: To show the rich tradition of pictorial representations of the Islamic Prophet in Islamic tradition;

    C: To annoy people, including but in no way limited to you.

  3. Sandow Birk @ Koplin Del Rio « Says:

    […] had been represented in a calligraphic aesthetic. The early visual narratives, such as those in the Jami al-Tawarikh from the 13th century. The Clark gallery has images that are more reminiscent of the later […]

  4. limpia Says:

    i would think that the prohibition against idolatry, and the reproduction of mohammed would be limited to Muslims. it is they who would be inclined to idolatry of him, isnt it? And they certainly have made him an idol, whether they draw his picture or not. But for we who are not muslim, what is the diff if we draw pics of him. Sounds like the rule against idolatry,pics, is misunderstood by muslims!!!! Anyhow, why the hell should we follow their rules.

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