Hello Darkness My Old Friend


An Ipsos Mori poll suggests that the Tories have a 17 point lead over Labour. It is all over.


5 Responses to “Hello Darkness My Old Friend”

  1. Gordon Says:

    What a stale process – we stagger from Coke to Pepsi and back again; even though we have heard of the possibility of a nice glass of milk or a smoothie we passively take what is thrust into our hands.

    Of course, blaming individuals will not change a situation created by cause-effect pressures both tectonic and Machiavellian in nature.

    To me, the whole thing looks like a big bloody racket. Someone observed that American politics is like WWF wrestling, with pantomime goodies and baddies who switch roles every now and then just to keep things fresh and maintain interest. I suspect that that is the nature of our democracy also.

    Anytime I watch a politician sleazing his way through an interview I think, “there should be laws against this – there should be a referee crying ‘foul’ – I am not a professional philosopher but even I could tear this drone a new one given the chance.” They can lie and spin without repercussion. It is definitely a 99% broken system. I wonder, when was the last time a really interesting, serious new contender for leadership came out of the woodwork? I got the impression Veritas was pretty much a joke. If so it’s a shame they had to go and squander a perfectly good name.

  2. Alec Says:

    To be fair to Redwood (and you have no idea how much it pains me to say that), he at least is what he says he is (although I prefer Anne Widdecombe for goofy honesty).

    What sticks in my claw are the soi-dissant revolutionaries (such as George Galloway or Claire Short who turn out to have some of the highest expenses, and lowest discernable parliamentary work; or Jeremy “I’ve never met a terrorist I didn’t like”) or the ex-trots in Labour who, after preaching a semi-religious insight into the coming utopia, have made the next logical step by grabbing all they can for themselves.

    The Tories are coming, and I pity the children.

  3. Fact-Checker Says:

    Th idiom is “sticks in my craw” not claw you illiterate prig.

  4. Alec Says:

    Hehe, you know you’ve pissed-off the vulgar Leninists when they start pursuing you across different blogs.

    Rather unfortunate you chose this point to misspell “the”, as well as economizing on commas. Here, I’ve lots:


  5. Gordon Says:

    That was absolutely mental. Hey Fact-Checker, imagine all the people… Hahaha.

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