Fire! Fire! That’s the Way to Do It!


Shaken by the account from fellow blogger, George Orwell of the German onslaught on Poland, I determined to visit an Italian puppet play named Punchinello.

I was sorely sorry that Pietro Gimonde, or ‘Senor Bologna’ did not “pull the strings”, as his conduction had delighted me and Sam greatly when we first witnessed him on Friday 9 May 1662.

There I chanced to encounter another good frynde of mine and principled blogger, Samuel Pepys. A most strange event occurred when I also espied Young Killigrew, as Sam appeared to vanish like morning mist.

As I was going home to bed, I detected a strange smell of burning from Pudding Lane.

UPDATE – I have waked about three or four in the morning in a fearful state, as I did two nights ago. Fortunately, I recollected that my parmesan cheese is secure, so back to bed.


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