Anti-Fascist Football Promoting Fascists


Philosophy Football has a new range of t-shirts to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the German invasion of Poland, as promoted at the oxymoronically-named Socialist Unity.   Done under the tagline “the People’s War Against Fascism” it aims to celebrate the various Allied military arms which fought the irredentist nationalism and biological racism of the Nazi and Imperial Japanese regiemes:

But, wait! A fight against fascism has tones of the Great Patrotic War, as the Eastern Front was termed in Soviet literature. Yet, for the first 18 months, Magog Stalin continued his previous policy not of appeasement but open co-operation with Gog Hitler. The Molotov-Rippentrop Pact did not write itself, and those Polish officers needed someone to kill them in Katyn.

In his role on the editorial team of the Daily Worker, Sean O’Casey had called for pacts with the Nazis right up until Operation Barbarossa.

So, Philosophy Football is, with rhetoric reminscent of the Soviets, commemorating the opening of war against that Nazis by the Imperialists, Britain and France.

But, still, they can be expected to actually identify fascists when they are stiff-arming in front of them. Can we not?

Maybe not. Recently they produced a line of t-shirts dedicated to Paoli di Canio’s remark, “I give everything I have, all my energy, because I feel the people, the club, the shirt are part of my life”.

Here this symbol for discerning anti-fascists is greeting fans at SS Lazio:



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