The Calvinist Republic of Scotland

The John o’Groat Journal reports on the Sinclair Bay Hotel in Keiss which has fallen foul of the new alcohol licensing regulations which came into effect on 1 September. I cannot tell if the proprietors – Colin and Dawn Pollock – failed to submit their renewed application on time, or if it is a result of the backlog caused by every licensed establishment being required to re-apply under this puritanical legislation.

What is certain is that the Hotel will be unable to sell alcohol for as many as three weeks until an occassional license is granted.

A point to note is that although it has been the minority SNP Administration under Fish-Heid McMoonface which has eagerly pursued this, the legislation was proposed by the previous Labour Administration in 2005. So, any smug Labour MSP in the Lilliputian Parliament, think very
carefully about what to say next.

One effect of this is to ban “happy hours” by requiring estalishments to maintain prices for no less than 72 hours. Some publicans have worked around this; such as The Tun on Holyrood Road:

But rather than abandon their drinks offers, bars have been extending them to last for 72 hours or more.

The Tun in Holyrood Road – close to the Scottish Parliament – has launched a Happy Days promotion with pints of Strongbow, Heineken and John Smith on offer for £2 all day Monday to Thursday.

Mr Eugenides imagines an upcoming scene:

As a “fuck you” to our interfering politicos, this has a delightful symmetry, but it is somewhat flawed. After all, if pub happy hours really do encourage the “wrong sort of drinker”, as we are assured they do, then one can only gawp at the horrific client base that must be attracted to a pub next to the Scottish Parliament which is offering cheap hooch all day, all week. Just picture the scene; Ross Finnie and Pauline McNeill necking Jägerbombs at the bar, Fergus Ewing trying to feel up a fishnetted Cathy Jamieson at one of the quiet upstairs tables, Tavish Scott outside the front door on his hands and knees, spewing chunks in the direction of the Scotsman offices. Edinburgh Council will be suspending their license in no time.

I would pay to watch that.


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