More Righteous and Unrighteous

Four more names have either occurred or been recommended to me after the success of yesterday’s missive on who is deserving of the grace and mercy of the Alec Church of Universal Love. I mean, three annotations – including one who cannot tell the, or thinks there is a difference between antisemitism and anti-Zionism. Wow!


Saint Mother Maria Skobstova (aka Elizaveta Pilenko), as recommended by Margaret. Latvia-born Greek Orthodox saint who worked with the French Resistance in Paris during WWII.

Following the Fall of France, with her convent’s knowledge, provided baptisimal certificates for fleeing Jews. Deported to Ravensbruck Death Camp where she elected to take the place in the gas chamber of a condemned Jewish woman on 22 April 1945 (Orthodox Holy Saturday).


Jean Haining, missionary from Dumfries who joined the Church of Scotland’s Jewish Mission in Hungary in 1932.  Following the start of WWII, she refused to abandon the Jewish Girls’ Home in Budapest where she then worked;  following Nazi invasion in 1944, she still refused.

Deported to Auschwitz-Berkenau with her wards, she is assumed to have been gassed on 16 August 1944.  Nor is she the only Scot to have died in a Nazi death-camp.

She has been declared to be Righteous Amongst the Nations by Yad Vashem, and has her name inscribed on a cairn on Carlton Hill in Edinburgh.

alan edwards

Alan Edwards, former British PoW held near Gdansk, and recognized as Righteous Amongst Nations by Yad Vashem, with Sarah Hanna Matuson (nee Rigler). As a 12 year old, she had been part of a death-march to Stutthof death camp in 1944 to kill as many Jews as possible before defeat.

Edwards and nine other PoWs rescued and hid her from SS guards.

Still living, and the Holocaust Educational Trust is petitioning the British Government to allow the Honours and Decorations Committee to award medals postumously for his late comrades as well as Haining.


Joseph Brown, erstwhile Anti-Racism Officer of the LSE-SU whom campus newspaper, The Beaver reported in March during student occupations to demand preferential university treatment of one conflict-zone:

A senior Students’ Union official has criticised the conduct of the Union’s Anti-Racism Officer because of comments he made which allegedly intimidated a Jewish student.

Union Communications Officer Dan Sheldon said that Anti-Racism Officer Joseph Brown’s behaviour during the occupation of the Old Theatre, when Brown referred to having “shot down a Zionist”, was “unacceptable”, “foolish” and “beyond belief”.”


He even went so far as to pretend to hold a machine gun and said ‘I loaded the bullets in, aimed, fired, and shot down that Zionist’ (including the motions that go along with all those actions – and a huge smug smile on his face, searching for approval from the group).”

(Currently offline, but available in Google Cache.)

The student in question, understandably enough, said she felt unable to report it to the SU Anti-Racism Officer because… well… it was about the SU Anti-Racism Officer.

Later apologized, and insisted it was not race-based (‘cos he said so) and that he would gladly claim to having “shot down a Tory”; so comes across as a little dope besotted with violence.

Now reportedly employed by Labour MP for Brent North, Barry “Gives the Money” Gardiner, who is a former Vice Chair of Labour Friends of Israel.

Let us hope this indicates a change of heart by Brown.

Harry’s Place and Tory Bear have more.


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4 Responses to “More Righteous and Unrighteous”

  1. Margaret Says:

    One of my favourite stories about Mother Maria Skobstova was when the Gestapo turned up at her house in Paris where she had been hiding Jews, escaped POWs and others, and demanded to be taken to the Jews, she said, “Yes, of course there are Jews here,” and took them to the chapel and showed them the icons of Christ and the Apostles.

    I have been to Gaza (though not since the IDF pulled out – I’m not daft) and unlike Alice-in-Wonderland I can read a bit of Arabic. The posters in shops and the graffiti on walls is a real eye-opener. I often think it’s a real pity that those idiots don’t speak French or something – they’d get away with just a bit less. Many years ago, in my salad days, I was chatted up by an Egyptian Coptic Orthodox doctor in Frankfurt airport (about three-quarters of the way between the second and third circles of Purgatory incase you’ve never been) and in the course of a long meandering conversation he said, “Of course the Jews get the blame for putting the Palestinian dogs in refugee camps but actually it was us,” and he beamed with pride at this and went on to lambast the Israelis for giving them electricity and plumbing and jobs. As my ol’ Dad used to say, and he loved Golda right next to Evita, “Jews are either bastards or far too bloody decent for their own good, there’s no middle way with them,” and, looking at Israel, I can’t help but think betimes he was right. The worst thing the Palestinians have to put up with is roadblocks, well, gee, I live in Edinburgh and I have to put up with tramworks. Can I bleat to the United Nations, please?

    And Alice, my little piece of rancid baklava, Arabs are citizens of Israel and have seats in parliament. Make a case against Israel if you want but do it reasonably, ie, without resorting to wimpish, lefty scare words.

  2. Margaret Says:

    And thank you for writing about Jean Haining. I didn’t know about her and I am glad to.

  3. efrafandays Says:

    Later on your first annotation, but the cairn is on the road coming up from the Scottish Executive.

  4. Joseph Brown: Dismissed « A Rabbit's Eye View of the Hyperborean North Says:

    […] Brown: Dismissed By efrafandays In a previous missive, I discussed the unrighteous behaviour of the newly appointed campaigns and communications manager […]

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