Great Jamahiriya to Offer Prayers of Thanks in Scotland


Truly inspiring news from the FCO:

Her Majesty’s Ambassador in Libya, Sir Vincent Fean held a farewell reception for 11 imams before their departure to the UK for the month of Ramadan. Their visit to the UK is sponsored by the World Islamic Call Society and organised in co-operation with a UK charity. The imams will lead Ramadan prayers in mosques in a number of towns in the UK, including Cardiff, Bristol and Aberdeen.

The Daily Express reports that Glasgow will also be included on this mission of outreach, so one might assume that SNP PPC for Glasgow Central, Osama Saeed will greet him personally.  Brother Osama is also Director of the truly inspiring Scottish-Islamic Foundation which has had a wee spot of financial bother recently: so much so that an appeal has been put by his brother… and Brother to us all… Sohaib, Yusuf al-Qaradawi and Daud “You Sunk My Navy” Abdullah’s greatest fan.

Relations between the Great Jamahiriya and the Calvinist Republic of Scotland are improving particularly, and the SIF is keen to establish deeper financial relations.

But what is this truly inspiring organization, the WICS?  It was founded in Tripoli, 1972 under the benovolent gaze of the Leader and Guide of the Revolution, Colonel Gaddafi with the aim of peaceful dissemination of the Message across the world.  It continues to be based in the Great Jamahiriya with close ties to the Great Leader whose commitment to exporting peace to British streets is well known.

The WICS also has an enlightened approach to female rights, as does the Great Leader.

In 2004, Abdul-Rahman Al-Amoudi, founder of the truly inspiring American Muslim Council, stated he had received a generous donation from the WICS to promote democratic reform in Saudi Arabia. 

I have been troubled in the past by Brother Osama’s toleration of the Muslim Brotherhood, such as when the Sunday Herald reported that its Libyan regional head, Alamin Belhaj, had been invited to an SIF event.  The Great Leader has taken a necessarily strict position against this nefarious organization, and I hope this does not affect the opportunities for truly inspiring relations.



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