An Act of Blogocide

I disagree with Alex Massie when he says this is the worst blog-missive he ever has read. I personally think the one by Neil Clark in which he called Iraqi translators for Coalition forces “quislings” was worse. (Clarkie’s wife is the daughter of a Hungarian Communist Party henchman installed after the Soviet invasion of 1956.)

This one is still pretty bad. Mark Whicker of the Orange County Register blogged on the stomach-churning case of Jaycee Lee Dugard:

It doesn’t sound as if Jaycee Dugard got to see a sports page.
Box scores were not available to her from June 10, 1991 until Aug. 31 of this year.

She never saw a highlight. Never got to the ballpark for Beach Towel Night. Probably hasn’t high-fived in a while.

She was not allowed to spike a volleyball. Or pitch a softball. Or smack a forehand down the line. Or run in a 5-footer for double bogey.

Now, that’s deprivation.

Good grief. As Mr Eugenides says, “one can only speculate as to what was going through Jaycee’s mind as her “stepfather” unzipped his trousers behind her for the thousandth time, but I confess it never occurred to me that it might be the Agassi-Sampras match”.

There is much debate in media-land just now about political blogging superceding traditional print media. What should be remembered is that, useful though it is to follow individual blogs and allow others to trawl through reports, print news outlets at still required for the original sources of information.

There may be journalists who blog – such as the bodacious Terry Glavin – , but blogging is not citizen journalism.

Futhermore, with the ease of access to a submit button, any halfwit can create a blog and then reveal their brain-farts for all to see (as SNP ex-PPC, Grant Thoms, found to his cost). So whilst Whicker should, without a doubt, be boiled to death in a vat of marmalade, what in Valen’s name were his editors thinking of when they approved it???


One Response to “An Act of Blogocide”

  1. Niall Says:

    This post essentially serves as an invitation to provide examples of worse blogging, having just done one of my biweekly trawls through right wing blogosphere I don’t think I’d find this terribly difficult, I’ll mostly refrain though, but some are just too good.

    Mad Mel was detailing how the West is soon to be destroyed by a horrifying and nefarious alliance of, wait for it, Russia, Iran, Syria, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Cuba and Bolivia. Don’t know about you, but I’m bricking it. Ed West meanwhile was exploring his compelling thesis that “modern liberals” wouldn’t have had the “guts” to declare war on Nazi Germany. I’m going to file both as wonderfully succinct examples of the overriding pathology of the modern Right; It is always Munich.

    Clark’s is pretty special one has to say, it’s the sheer bile he’s able to work up on behalf of some people he’ll never meet who want to murder some other people he’ll never meet that makes it. Of course that’s all 99.99% of bloggers and their predecessors in print are, regurgitating cheerleaders. This is one thing which keeps me mildly sane.

    I’m a blog fan, clearly, but at the end of the day they’re all just a string of interconnected circle jerks. All three of the examples I’ve cited here were based entirely around citing other blogs, favourably or otherwise. You’re right, we need real journalism to persevere (I’ve no idea how either) to provide the um…Christ I don’t want to further this analogy, but at least Whicker’s shockingly breezy horror was his own idea, and it has provided material for no less than eight of the blogs I’ve looked at today.

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