BNP versus Andy McNab

Nothing British About the BNP has a statement from Andy McNab, best-selling author of ‘I Slotted a Talib’ and ‘I Bagged a Jihadi’:

Andy McNab has told the BNP, “give me my books back”.

The ultimatum comes after Nick Griffin announced that signed copies of Brute Force and Seven Troop would be auctioned to raise money for Help for Heroes.

McNab – ex-SAS hardman, Gulf War veteran and best-selling author – told Nothing British,

“When someone called me to say that the BNP was using one of my books in a publicity stunt, I was sick to the stomach.

Legal eagle for the BNP and blogger, Lee John Barnes (LLB Hons) has swung into action:

That way Andy McNab gets his book back, the charity gains from the money raised by the BNP raffle and the charity also has the bonus of the money from Andy McNab also coming into its coffers.

I am sure Mr. McNab would agree to such a plan, seeing as he gets his books back and the charity doubles its money.

Given that the BNP has recently made political capital (warning, may not be work-safe) out of a charity fundraiser for the British Legion despite agreements for it not to be used for political purposes, I am not too surprised that Barnes misses the point.

He states that “the BNP probably contains more ex-servicemen than most other political parties in relation to proportion of membership” (I doubt he is referring to the Britisches Freikorps). I do not know about rank-and-file party membership, but it is certainly true that there is a marked absense of ex-servicemen amongst senior politicans – exceptions including SAS TA soldier, David Davis; Army Major and former PPS to the Defence Secretary, Eric Joyce; Scottish Executive Minister for Schools and Skills and Falklands veteran, Keith Brown.

That said, the BNP may present itself as the only political party supportive of the armed-forces, but procede to attract strong opposition from actual members such as McNab or former Scots Guards NCO, Stuart Walker; and eager to dismiss VC recipients, such as Johnson Beharry, as unwelcome immigrants.

Barnes appears preoccupied with the supply of military weapon to the Baathists by Labour and Tory party funders/members.  As I am not and never have been a member of either party, I feel little reason to be personally discomfitted by this.  Assuming he is referring to the supply of actual weaponry to be used alongside the Soviet and French and West German weaponry, I wonder what he thinks of his party leader having attempt to solicit funds from Colonel Gaddafi whilst the latter was supplying the IRA.

Barnes speaks of male relatives who fought against the Axis Powers. I wonder what they would think of a political party, one of whose MEPs is a former chairman of the fascist National Front, and whose regional organizer in Scotland has appeared in photo-ops such as:



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