Why Labour Does Not Deserve to Govern

baroness scotland

Baroness Scotland, the Attorney General, is to be fined £5,000 for irresponsibly employing illegal immigrant, Loloahi Tapui as a housekeeper; and not filing adequate documentation.  In 2008, she had been instrumental in pushing through Parliament the Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Act which legislated for this.

Rules apply only to the little people, eh?

Any political party led by characters such as these does not deserve to govern.  Nor do the British people deserve to be governed by the Tories.


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One Response to “Why Labour Does Not Deserve to Govern”

  1. Darcus Howe on Race in the Military « A Rabbit's Eye View of the Hyperborean North Says:

    […] do not think that Baroness Scotland should remain in the position of Attorney General, and that her disregard for the legislation which she had championed when vetting for employment for what turned out to be […]

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