Lee John Barnes on Radio4

This is Lee John Barnes (LLB Hons), the legal eagle for the BNP.  He is 43.


In response to the suggestion that Nick Griffin or Andrew Glans, BNP MEPs, should appear on Question Time, Barnsey said:

Question Time should be a doddle, tearing to shreds the arguments of the Zionist pit bull melanie phillips on Radio 4’s The Moral Maze was – and she is a damn sight more intelligent than the political idiots invited onto Question Time.

Ah, this would be the same Melanie Philips whom Barnsey suggested was disloyal to Britain because of her views on Israel.  Just as Barnsey blames the Shoah on “Jewish Bolsheviks”:

The Holocaust was the price ordinary Jews of Europe paid for the actions of the Bolshevik Jews in Russia after the Russian Revolution.

The fear of the Bolshevik threat, and the fact that so many Jews were Bolsheviks, allowed Hitler to link Jews with Bolshevism.

Therefore the Holocaust lays at the feet of those Jewish Bolsheviks in Russia and Germany whose actions allowed ordinary people, and ordinary Germans, to link Bolshevism with Jews.

Quite a circuitous route to distance national socialism from any inherent antisemitism.  As an Ulrike Meinhof, founder of the gaggle of Strasserite-thugs known as the Red Army Faction, was able to reduce millions of men and women and children to ciphers and not flesh-and-blood humans in similar terms:

Auschwitz,” she said, “means that six million Jews were murdered and carted on to the rubbish dumps of Europe for being that which was maintained of them — Money-Jews.”

But, then again, this is the same Barnsey who believes that as eight members of his family died fighting Axis Powers decades before he was born, he is firewalled from criticism and free to dabble with national socialism and Odinism (hint, Barnsey, Odin is a Norse deity: he ain’t indigenously British).

The thought occurs, if one can find an individual who lost nine members of their family in combat in the Second World War, or even 90% in non-combat situations – old men, women and children included – could they tell Barnsey to put a sock in it?

Not that he would listen, as he also believes that as the BNP never has been in political power – debatable, Barnsey – it cannot be accused of racism.

 The Radio4 broadcast, in all its barking mad lunacy, is here:

That is hypocrisy.



5 Responses to “Lee John Barnes on Radio4”

  1. Robert Brown Says:

    I think that is one of the worst public performances i have seen or heard from the BNP. Usually they can put together arguments that most can agree with, and could always whip up a positive response on daytime shows like Jon Gaunts programme on talksport when he had it. But this performance strikes of desperation and immaturity. He responds more like an ill-informed bigot in a pub than he does a party representative. Thank you for pointing me towards it.

  2. Alec Says:

    Amazingly, Barnsey is a preferred media-spokeman. And he just can’t help blogging.

    That said, as amusing as he can be, there is an alarming undercurrent with his permanent state of anger. He hates society with all the passion of a pubescent boy, but has the age and werewithal of an early middle-aged man.

    Out of interest, how d’you find the warren? I see you read Caron and Rupa Haq and Hopi Sen, but it’s always good to know what advertments are working.

  3. k Says:

    Odin (woden to the anglo-saxons) is one of our gods :D

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