Train Crash in Caithness

halkirk crash

Even when I was in Edinburgh, emergency vehicles dashing down a road one after another was a dramatic sight: it was extra sickening here. This afternoon the 1038 hrs Inverness/Wick train collided with a car at the Bridge Street level-crossing outside Halkirk.  Three passengers in the car, reportedly all the occupants, have have been killed. None of the train passengers were injured, but had this been the south-bound train it would have been accelerating at this point.

This is an unmanned crossing and does not have a barrier.  Today was sunny, and low-sun has caused problems with dazzle at this site before.  In 2002, a pregnant local woman was severely injured in a similar accident (her baby survived), but to my knowledge no plans were instigated to install tighter safety features.

I hope there will be now.

UPDATE – local councillor David Flear describes the scene.


One Response to “Train Crash in Caithness”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I feel sorrier by far for the two pretty wee birds in the picture above. The people killed here are candidates for the Darwin Awards, I’m afraid.

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