SNP to Bring Non-Eurocentric Finance to Scotland


Greetings all. I was most disgusted to read a piece in the Wall Street Journal by the notorious right-wing Unionist, Tom Gallagher in which he poured scorn upon the truly inspiring release of Abdel Baset al-Megrahi by the compassionate Scottish justice for criminals system.

It should be a source of pride for anyone committed to socialist and non-hegemonic principles that the Scottish Government is taking such a truly inspiring role in bringing this nation into the post-colonial and post-capitalist age.

One of the most truly inspiring grassroots organizations is the Scottish-Islamic Foundation, run under the wise direction of Osama Saeed, who has also been lucky to be named the SNP candidate for Glasgow Central. Brother Osama planned to stage a truly inspiring Islamfest event.

It was with regret that I saw that the SIF had repayed £128,000 of public money which was to be used to start-up the fund-raising… you have to spend money to make money. The full cost was to have come from our Brothers in the Gulf States, but this did not come due to the global ‘credit crunch’ (who would have thought that Eurocentric financial models were so useful).

I cannot now conceal my excitement at the prospect of the Scottish-Islamic Foundation exploring the benefits of non-Eurocentric finance with its truly inspiring partnership with the Etisal Foundation at the Glasgow Hilton in November.

Speaking with forked-tongues, as his ilk is wont to do, Gallagher attempted to smear the truly inspiring Scottish Government with the allegation it obeyed demands from Khalid al-Attiyah, the Qatari Minister for International Co-Operation, to release al-Megrahi to ensure continued trade relations with Qatar and other Gulf States.

It is probably a coincidence that SNP officials are now on a trade-mission to Gulf States, as Peter Salisbury reports in Middle East Business Intelligence.


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5 Responses to “SNP to Bring Non-Eurocentric Finance to Scotland”

  1. subrosa Says:

    I love good satire and this is certainly that – although the message is definitely worrying.

  2. Dhaibhidh C Mhac Dhuihdhlheigh Says:

    Greetings, Sister Subrosa. I hear you what you’re saying, but we must all be on guard against the creeping Islamophobia of the Zio-con project. Please, I commend you to consider the truly inspiring moves to open relations with the Great Jamahiriya.

  3. Eve Garrard Says:

    Gorgeous, Alec, this has just made my day.

    However I think you’ll find that you haven’t got your guest poster’s name quite right – you’ve omitted several politically important ‘h’s. Dhaibhidh C Mhac Dhuihdhlheigh – I’m sure that’s how we spelled it in Drumnadrochit when I was a wee lassie there.

  4. efrafandays Says:

    I trusted Dhaibhidh to be able to spell his own name correctly, Eve, but it appears to have been misplaced. I’ve taken an executive decision, and corrected him.

  5. Osama Saeed: Paid by the Purse of the State He Wishes to Dismantle « A Rabbit's Eye View of the Hyperborean North Says:

    […] Despite his insistence at SNP Tactical Voting that intended planning for cultural events had to be shelved due to the global credit crunch, there is little to no evidence of any events being planned beyond social dinners.  The £400,000 provided was not part of venture capitalism, and should have been ample to start, instead of going cap-in-hand for Arab petro-dollars as my comrade and principled blogger Dhaibhidh C Mhac Dhuihdhlheigh discussed. […]

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