Fish-Heid McMoonface: It Is My Country and I Will Cry If I Want To


Alex Salmond will finally take the hint, and step down as a Westminster MP at the next General Election, and dedicate his life to fighting to the death for the haggis.  But not before, in his view, he should be permitted to appear alongside the three contenders for the British Premiership in televised head-to-head debates, just as he considered stroking his ego in front of Anita Anand and Nick Robertson to be a more pressing engagement than a personal meeting with the CEO of Diageo (which he had demanded rather than let a Labour minister steal one peel of thunder).

Angus Robertson, the SNP leader at Westminster, was considered a suitable proxy then, so why not now?  Oh, yes, the television.

What is that?  He would come across as a superfluous appendage at a wedding?  Very well, shut down any broadcast of this debate in a nation which neither returns more than 30% of the vote nor a majority of SNP seats to Holyrood.

How very Stalinist.  First time as tragedy, second time as farce.

HAT TIP – Tom Harris.


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