Nobel Peace Prize Committee Has Lost Its Moral Compass


The 2009 Nobel Peace Prize has gone to some upper middle-class bloke who fought back nasty Fox media pundits, and really really wishes for world peace (whilst being in command of the most powerful military, economic and cultural forces known to history).  And a short-arsed Frog.

A failed nominee was Morgan Tsvangirai, on whom Brett pours his saucy wisdom:

[…] didn’t have the benefit of an expensive Harvard education, millionaire backers, and a holiday sanctuary in Hawaii, was overlooked. For a decade Tsvangirai stared down a military-backed tyrant who banned newspapers, murdered opponents, used famine as a political weapon and brought the country – a rapidly failing state – to the eve of civil war. And yet, through skillful statesmanship he managed to hold it together, avert a bloody war and bring the country slowly back from the brink.

To that, I will add allegations of an assassination attempt in which his wife died, and severe beatings from Zimbabwean Police.

But, what is new? One of the nominees for the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize was Polish nurse and social worker, Irena Sendler.


With the Zegota (Council for Jewish Aid) and Irena Schultz, a German citizen who was aware of the Nazis’ intentions (anyone with photographs?), she secured access to the Warsaw Ghetto with forged identification. Training a dog to bark whenever she entered and left, she carried small children out in a toolbox and larger children in a sack.

Almost three thousand Jewish children were hidden from the occupying Nazis and Polish antisemites.

Eventually caught, she was beaten by Nazi guards until both her legs and arms broke: sentenced to death, she was saved only when friends bribed the guards to fake her execution.  Yet, she did not reveal the false identities she had arranged for the rescued children; details of which she had hidden in a jar buried in her garden.

In 1999, Kansas school-girl, Megan Felt (nee Stewart) and classmates popularized her actions as part of the high school play, Life in a Jar.  Sendler continued to insist, “we are not heroes. I continue to have qualms of conscience that I did so little”.

Died in 2008, aged 98, after loosing out on the Nobel Peace Prize to someone who was once US Vice-President and lost a Presidential election.

Now played by Anna Paquin in The Courageous Heart of Irena Sendler, an American TVM production. Has posthumously been awarded the 2009 Audrey Hepburn Humanitarian Award.

The Norwegians are lovely people. Their cultural and intellectual elite, however, are a bunch of fuck-wits.


5 Responses to “Nobel Peace Prize Committee Has Lost Its Moral Compass”

  1. Kellie Strøm Says:


    (Typo in the third-last para: ‘loosing’.)

  2. efrafandays Says:

    Duly corrected. To make matters worse, Tsvangari was a failed nominee last year as well.

  3. Indy Says:

    This angel of mercy was passed over for an award that no longer has any credibility.To give a Nobel Peace Prize to Gore instead of this courageous woman, for one of the biggest shams ever perpetrated on the world, to enrich himself and his cronies, is a travesty, and thoroughly disgusting.
    God Bless you Irena Sendler.

  4. efrafandays Says:

    I certainly agree with you about the credibility-blow the prize has taken, and that (by her own words, if anything else) Sendler didn’t need the recognition.

    Yet, the principle behind it is the risk-free pseudo-radicalism which those morons represent.

  5. Fred har gått av moten for hva som er politisk korrekt. Hva gjør vi da? « Mashlash's Blog Says:

    […] Jeg kan forøvrig tipse om dette blogginnlegget, som forteller en interessant historie, og er mye flinkere til å komme til poenget enn jeg er: […]

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