Pete Wishart Bored During Roll-Call of the Dead

michael lockett

As I have discussed before, the immediacy of that human interaction replacement service, Twitter, can lead to impolitic remarks being emblazoned across the Internet. All the more reason to be especially careful about what one says, especially when one is a sitting MP.

SNP member for Perth and Perthshire North, Pete Wishart – who speaks Gaelic, so is more Scottish than Mike Russell – has been forgiven by his party, speaking on behalf of Scotland, for burbling away during the first Prime Minister’s Questions of 2009/10.

Fully-grown adults had been required to sit still for over two minutes as Gordon Brown read-out the names of those 37 servicemen who had been killed in Afghanistan over the summer recess. Amongst the dead was Acting Sergeant Michael Lockett (2nd Batallion, The Mercian Regiment). From Monifieth in Angus, Lockett was the first holder of the Military Cross to die in combat since the Second World War, and his funeral was taking place that day.

As activity returned to the chamber, Wishart rushed to his Echofon to tweet that:

No mention of the E word in PMQ’s.
4:35 AM Oct 14th from Echofon

Broon’s Alcy Ada’s back. Either an international terrorist organisation or a female Glaswegian drunk
4:23 AM Oct 14th from Echofon

Thought it would have been a more interesting PMQs first day back. Yawn..!
4:18 AM Oct 14th from Echofon

Disregarding the time-stamps, Wishart can be seen to have been listening closely enough to mock Brown’s enunciation, but maybe not thinking closely enough to think he should have waited a bit before tweeting.

Further to his gripe about the “E word”:

Everybodys to get a letter. This guy Legg seems like a real attention seeker and is stringing his moment of glory out as long as possible
10:32 AM Oct 12th from Echofon

Given the indecent complaining by individuals on salaries of at least £64,000 plus expenses, to see Wishart proceed to accuse openly a professional civil servant of glory-seeking jars even more. Especially as Wishart fails to reveal on Twitter that he has been asked to repay £1,600 for duplicate claims.

Stunning immaturity, as others have said.


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