Orange Order Too Sectarian for the SNP

The Grand Orange Lodge in Scotland has as many as 50,000 members and its roots in the social and religious conservativism of Ulster Presbyterianism.

The Times reports the Grand Master, Ian Wilson as announcing that his organization would look to actively support pro-Union political parties in Scotland:

Mr Wilson, who has been attempting to reposition the Orange Order as a moderate force in public life, said in a newspaper interview: “There is no question in my mind that the biggest problem facing Scotland at the moment is the growth in Scottish nationalism.

“And the Order – as one of Scotland’s biggest unionist organisations – has got to get real about it. The reality is that the only party you can do that through in Scotland is the Labour Party.”

This would make a change because, as with various Unionist parties in Northern Ireland, the GOLiS traditionally has been right-of-centre and, if anything, alligned to the Conservative party. SNP sources appear to be aware of the odd bedfellows this may make:

SNP sources responded to Mr Wilson’s suggestion by claiming that it wasn’t so much damaging for them as embarrassing for Labour.

Meanwhile, the row about the state-funding of the Scottish-Islamic Foundation, dominated by SNP employees/activists and several members of the Saeed family – Osama is SNP Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for the Westminster seat of Glasgow Central, and former regional organizer of the Muslim Association of Britain – rumbles on.

UPDATE – as James points out in the annotations, the Orange Order may have its roots in the religious conflicts which cleaved Ireland, it was not Presbyterianism.


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3 Responses to “Orange Order Too Sectarian for the SNP”

  1. James Says:

    “roots in the social and religious conservativism of Ulster Presbyterianism.”

    No it doesn’t.

    It was strictly Anglican until the 1830’s.

  2. efrafandays Says:

    Game, set and match to you, I think!

    It had always niggled at me that a tradition of dissention and, well, protest amongst Presbyterianism sat oddly with the hierachy of the Orange Order; never mind the links with Freemasonry.

  3. conor watt Says:

    So let me get this straight
    The Orange Order(Protestant) is telling its members to vote Labour-that was originally founded and supported by Catholics.
    This is a mess !!!
    The fact that a religious organisation is becoming involved in politics is beyond me because recent history proofs they are a dangerous mix in the NI troubles.
    Labour are bound to be embarassed at this silly sectarian non-sense from a order that purely lives to brag about one silly victory,a union that 75% of english people don’t support,50% of scots don’t support,25% of welsh don’t support and 60% of northern ireland don’t support and a monarchy who is imposed on the people and more than 70% of britain
    thinks should be scraped.

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