SNP Supports Racism Against the Dutch

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A state-funded political protest group which launched a foreign tourism campaign with images of tartan and shortbread tins has launched an official complaint with Germany’s advertizing association because of the use of the term Schotten Preise (Scot’s Price) for bargain basement.

It believes the long-established marketing technique is offensive and promotes an unfair racial stereotype of Scots people as mean.

Angus Robertson, the SNP’s group leader at Westminster, is to write to officials in Germany seeking an end to the use of the phrase, which has promoted products ranging from fast food to air fares. Robertson, the son of a German, said it was unacceptable to portray Scots in such a pejorative way, which he believes could harm the country’s reputation.

Many discount stores in Germany begin with the prefix “Mac”. Geizkragen, one of the country’s most popular price-comparison websites, depicts a Scot wearing a kilt and tartan hat chasing coins and advising Germans how to save money.

Travel agents regularly advertise “Scottish prices” for bargains and last year the ADAC, a German motoring club, sent an e-mail to 15 million customers featuring a kilt-wearing Scot, with the caption: “It doesn’t have to be this way.”

There is putting the angry brigade in charge of Scottish politics, ands there is being unforgivably dim. Like most of Scotland, these grievance-merchants are a disgrace to Scotland.

Robertson went on to say:

“You wouldn’t do it with orthodox Jews, so why do it with Scots?

Oh, good, Jews have been brought into the discussion. Presumably, Robertson would have less objection to Liberal or Reform Jews being so portrayed.

The constant association of our country and people with meanness and cheapness is beginning to hit at the borders of defamation and insult.”

Cannot say I have noticed. Formal positions such as this, however, do a lot to present Scotland as a nation of humourless prigs. And, by their own standards, hypocritical prigs.

At the SNP annual hate fest party conference, John Swinney, cabinet secretary for finance and sustainable development, said:

At the UK party conferences over the last few weeks, there has been a Dutch auction about public spending cuts and the effect on public services.

Well, considering that the PPC for Glasgow North East, David Kerr was either arrogant/stupid/naive enough to contradict his place-of-birth on separate campaign leaflets, this open contradiction is not that surprising.

Scotland, wha’ like us? None, thank fuck.


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2 Responses to “SNP Supports Racism Against the Dutch”

  1. subrosa Says:

    Auch this is old news. The Germans did something similar a couple of years ago. If I remember it was something about being mean and to do with the German tourist board.

    My German pals thought it amusing and so did I, because we knew it was just rubbish intended to attract online visitors.

  2. efrafandays Says:

    Aye, it seems to be a common motif in German society and Central European society.

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