Given With One Hand, Taken Away With Another

Nadine Dorries MP recently was awarded an undisclosed sum in damages from former Downing Street special advisor, Damian McBride, for his role in planning potential smears against her (and other political opponents). 

“It was important for me that he admitted guilt. I have lived with the worry that people would think there was no smoke without fire. It was vitally important for me to clear my name. What he paid really was not the issue. It is important people know what a cesspit No 10 has turned into.”

She wrote on the Twitter social networking website yesterday: “The first hurdle in clearing my name down. Two to go.”

These two refer to McBride’s alleged co-conspirator, Derek Draper and Downing Street itself which Dorries has described as being mired in a “cess-pit culture”.

I agree entirely with that, not least with McBride’s description of Gordon Brown as descending into an apoplexy of fury when informed.  Quite repellently there was a suggestion that George Osbourne’s wife be publically humiliated, and even the suggestion of mental instability in the Cameron family related to the death of their seven year old son, Ivan.

Funnily, though, I have difficulty accepting such outrage from Dorries.  Following a grossly ill-advised blog-posting by Recess Monkey (aka Alex Hilton) concerning the Facebook profile of Dorries’ elder daughter, Dorries responded with none too subtle suggestions that Hilton may have been taking an inappropriate interest in her pre 16 year old daughter.

In October 2007, she was on of two members of a House of Commons Science and Technology Committee who disagreed with its suggestion for the removal of the need for the consent of two doctors before an abortion could take place.  Science journalist, Ben Goldacre wrote an article pointing out the flaws in various claims made to the committee, not least by Professor John Wyatt, member of the Christian Medical Fellowship.

On her personal blog, Dorries accused Goldacre of breach of parliamentary procedure:

We were greatly concerned to read in the Guardian on 27 October an article clearly aimed at undermining the credibility of Professor John Wyatt, which contained detailed information about Wyatt’s evidence, which was passed by him to the committee after his oral evidence session, and which could only have been passed on to the journalist concerned by a member of the Select Committee. There should be an enquiry about how this information got into the public domain and as to whether such a personal attack represents a serious breach of parliamentary procedure.

Prompt responses from Goldacre’s supporters that all the information he discussed was in the public domain were not approved in Dorries’ blog, which went on to state that it would no longer publish any comments.

Back to her settlement with McBride, maybe whatever money she received will come in useful if Labour MP, Jim Devine pursues a case against her for suggesting he had discussed with her sexually revealing details of a dream.

Silly Nadine.


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